Weekly messages to inspire the very best within us all, beyond the dogma, beyond the bullshit, straight into the truth of how spectacular we can be. If you’d prefer, the youtube channel is here.

When we can question ourselves, asking "What if I'm wrong" helps shape the brain process, and our human energy fields to be more open and expansive to the Eternal Self energies.

Time is not an illusion, Past lives are not past, the Eternal Self is beyond time, and further clarity on getting through the After Life and why it matters while we are alive.

Getting deeper into why we are here as Bringers of Light, the role of the Christian religions in maintaining the status quo and what's next.

“Totally powerful call today, y’all! Jill is bringing the freshest wind of Truth & I was challenged, encouraged & inspired today! Thanks, Cari!”

Insights, wisdom and healing from Archangel Micheal for being stronger in your light

Empowering new year message for deeper consciousness and enlightenment.