Trump Reading JRF Podcast #226

Another perspective on Trump to offer. We hope you find this helpful as he has been dehumanized in a very calculated manner that is worthy of personal examination. I encourage your own discernment in all matters of life. I love humanity and I love my country. I hope all citizens love their country and that they want what is best for it. Complex situations deserve a deeper look at all factors. While on the Greece Trip with Clients we create time while traveling together on the bus for messages, Q&A and conversation. On Sunday Sept 29, one of the amazing travel mates on the trip asked me to do a reading for President Trump. This is what came through. I allow myself to voice as Trump, often speaking in first person. The term “Sub One” is defined towards later part of this recording. Headlines at the time of this reading included scrutiny over a phone conversation between Trump and the Ukrainian President from July 2019 and whether it was in appropriate, illegal and/or an impeachable offense. This is an intuitive reading. I’m sharing it publicly to offer another perspective of the inner workings of a very complex and highly relevant public person. You may find it surprising (we did). Audio is HERE: I’m back from Greece at the time of this release but have a busy schedule after getting back and having the Zion retreat coming up quickly.  I hope you enjoy this pre-recorded podcast! Offered with love, Jill