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A psychic intuitive, Jill Renee Feeler helps us better understand and appreciate ourselves, this world and why we are here.

Jill (JRF) invites us not only into another dimension of ourselves, but into another spectrum of our humanity. She is boldly setting the stage for 21st century consciousness and spirituality, delivering new pathways for deep self-reflection, personal breakthroughs and profound revelations that are insightful, liberating, actionable and intelligent. Jill embodies inspired awareness, wisdom and unconditional love that turn even the most popular spirituality and personal development teachings on their head, while also being lighthearted and entertaining. She offers her audience and clients clear game-changing tools for bypassing self-sabotage, accessing transcendental layers of self and living within your individual authority while supporting others in doing the same. No caves, gurus, hallucinogenics or years of therapy required. As a recognized rising star in spirituality and consciousness, published author, unforgettable speaker, MBA, and world class intuitive, her inspired ideas come to life and awaken your inner greatness for even the most devoted students of meditation and mindfulness.

Jill is also a mother to two teenage daughters, Olivia (born 2002) and Georgia (born 2005) alongside her husband (married 1993, met 1988), Jeff Feeler. She lives in the scenic Pacific Northwest of the USA, enjoying time in nature, regular walks with their golden retriever Samson, dabbles with weight lifting and boxing, travel.  She generously supports those dedicated to spirituality, consciousness, healthy relationships and cutting edge well being.  

Jill is a top rated, world recognized psychic, intuitive, medium, channeler and healer, sharing her gifts since 2009.  Many individuals find Jill when they are looking for reasonable answers to life’s big questions or trying to make sense of themselves, others and this reality. Many seekers find Jill when asking questions like:

  • How can I connect with my lost loved ones,
  • Help me better understanding myself,
  • Help me understand others,
  • I need help with my loved ones
  • How can I heal from past trauma
  • How can I make my life more purposeful
  • Am I fulfilling my purpose
  • What is my life purpose
  • What do my spirit guides want me to know
  • What is God
  • Why are we here
  • Why am I here
  • What do I need to work on
  • What happens when we die
  • What is blocking me in living the life of my dreams
  • Why can’t I feel and connect to my spirit guides
  • What are my spiritual gifts

She regularly provides not just answers to the above life-changing questions, but the answers provided are intelligent and enlightened, liberating them from the all too common cult-like, self-limiting answers typically found in spiritual teachings. So many present day teachings perpetuate endless spiritual seeking and limit spiritual finding.

Jill has a very unique take on spiritual topics and approaches for connecting to your team, understanding this world and how it works, and life strategies. Since she came into her gifts without having been a part of the enlightenment community, her connection includes truly cutting edge perspectives to even the most expanded esoteric topics with answers and tools that are regularly contradictory to the most popular teachings… Why? Because we all deserve better, clearer, more successful approaches to connecting with Source, God, the light within. See for yourself.

Being light is easier here.

We surprise devoted spiritual experiencers and seekers everyday, with amazing insights, clearer answers and successful approaches… for being light here. We’d love to surprise you, with how much easier it can be to be the light you Are.

detailed story of Jill’s consciousness story and personal awakening experience here

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Recent sharing from Jill:

“Coming into one’s spiritual gifts from outside the industry offers a unique perspective and I admit also sometimes feelings of isolation. Many and maybe most channelers are from inside the industry, having read and been influenced by the same ideas, beliefs, practices, protocols. I often hear “Wait, Jill, you are saying something different than so and so and so and so.” Yes, that is right. By design. Not only am I saying something different, I fundamentally disagree with what many are saying. Usually I come across those differences in client sessions, when the client’s beliefs are revealed, and we offer the upgraded view. I know why and try and offer that as well so that you can decide for yourself what makes the most sense to you. Because in esoteric ideas, there is no proving who is right and who is wrong. But that didn’t stop this world’s religions from claiming truths. I know it is harder to have to decide for yourself what is true.
Do you know what is harder? Living this life within someone else’s belief system that doesn’t match up with reality, creates tension within one’s life, disconnecting them from their own source energy layers. It makes life harder. It makes for other problems in the after life.
I don’t agree with others. Not because I’m trying to be difficult. But because when you know something else, that makes sense and connects one to an unshakeable, personal sense of God within, you want to share it, you want to clarify, you want to offer it as widely and as clearly as you can. Cognitive dissonance is a real challenge, perhaps especially with the esoteric topics. I try. I try and I try. Because I love you and most importantly God loves you.” – Jill

Jill with her family (October 2017)

Jill and her hubby in Zion National Park (~2012)

Jeff and Jill Feeler

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