I understand how skeptics feel, and appreciate the discernment.

Am I a real Psychic/Intuitive/Channeler? Is that even a real thing?

Is this all just Magic tricks and NonSense?

Psychics, Intuitives, Channelers are often criticized for being fakes or scam artists.

Interestingly, I thought it was quackery, too.

How ironic that this is now my chosen profession.

This video clip from Adam Ruins Everything spells out the common criticisms pretty well.

Given the skepticism you may have, here are some of the things I’d like to point out for me, as a professional intuitive who takes my work very seriously and sacredly.

I’m fortunate enough and mainstream enough to have my MBA and an undergraduate in Finance and Economics (BBA).

I enjoyed more than 20 years of successful business experience, continuously gaining promotions at the firms I worked for (including Hewlett-Packard, Wells Fargo Bank, and a high-tech start up firm, Memjet).

I discovered my exceptional spiritual gifts at the age of 38 quite by accident (but not through a “near death,” not through hitting rock bottom nor a drug experience).

Coincidentally around this time my hubby (since 1993) and I had created an option for me to leave my successful business career to spend more time with my daughters, husband.  I also used this additional time to further explore my spiritual gifts, starting a podcast in Jan 2010.

I used to think psychics and astrology and all of that was only for unintelligent, gullible, broken individuals.  I’m trying to say that all of this took a while for me to get used to, too.

I do this “spiritual work” because I love it, I’m very good at it, I have a very rare take on all things existential and also on everyday matters of life and living.  My work provides tangible breakthroughs, where outdated new age stuff doesn’t, where therapy and counseling may not be working or where results are too slow.  I’ve been told by a very astute client that one session with me is like years worth of therapy, which felt great to hear and jives with consistent positive experiences my clients have with my work.

I love helping people.  I can see this work I offer is making a difference in this world and more specifically with my listeners and clients.  From my very first reading, I drove home that night thinking this was more meaningful than anything I had ever done, or would ever do in the business world…

I have other choices for how to make a great living and to meaningfully share myself with this world but I choose this. (Even though I really, really miss my IT department, PR, Marketing, Accounting and some great and super smart co-workers that I had in corporate.)

In terms of integrity, since I first started doing readings in 2009, I was guided to spend the first 1/3 of the session time sharing first everything that I am “getting” for the client, through interacting directly with what Christians would refer to as Holy Spirit and what mindfulness peeps would probably call Consciousness, the internal Observer of self, “Source” or Creator.

I know nothing from or about new clients in advance, and don’t want to know anything beforehand.  It is better for me, too, and my strong analytical mind, to know I am only relying on a force of source consciousness for the session.  Unlike skeptics would claim, I’m not fishing for information.  I don’t ask for any details about the client beforehand other than how to contact them for the session.

We start the session by me saying hi, asking for their permission to start recording, then I start right in with my connected sharing.

The client begins asking their questions, if they have any, only later into the session.  I do not start sessions with the client’s questions.  Doing so would limit what is being offered because the entire experience would be unnecessarily anchored to where they are.  My work helps them better experience and envision where they could be, at a more expanded, transcendent level of themselves.  Often times the client’s questions have been answered while I was sharing in that first part, or the questions they had planned to ask, no longer feel relevant…

I am sharing what your team of what I know as God-based support (or, for my Atheist friends, just wiser layers of you that you don’t access yourself) wants You to know… in love, support, encouragement and sometimes, some uncomfortable, bold truth telling.

My clients include those very well-versed and even advanced in enlightenment teachings.  Many of my clients are professionals in the self help industry, clinical therapy,  counseling professions as well as metaphysical healers and fellow intuitives.  Clients also regularly include “mainstream” individuals who desire to better know themselves, want to see what they are missing, are interested in confirmation about a specific challenge or simply enjoy expanding themselves and their consciousness.  They include PhD’s, entrepreneurs, visionaries, published authors, business leaders, professionals, educators, across various fields.  Clients regularly refer others, hoping they will be open minded enough to try something quite different, to have their own breakthrough, their own personal, transcendent opening.  I’ve even had more than one client from the clergy (no joke, I’ve had more than one Catholic priest schedule and enjoy a reading from me).

I am known for my integrity, honesty, incredible yet demonstrable connection to God/transcendent wisdom, clarity in communication, willingness to tell you even the most uncomfortable truths, cutting edge wisdom and cosmology, via my truly life-changing readings, helping you feel like the amazing, special, one of a kind soulful energy that you Are, eternally and here.  To say we help you feel special, worthy and more confident would be a dramatic understatement. The readings we offer make you feel amazing.  The recording allows you to reconnect to that transcendence over and over, as needed in this often challenging world.

There is seemingly endless amounts of bullshit in the enlightenment, consciousness and New Age communities – I agree wholeheartedly with the skeptics in this regard.  There is also a tremendous amount of bullshit in this reality, overall.

We can do better. We can know better. I help with that.  This motivates me to share what I  access as the purer, some would say unknowable truths, so we can get serious about being the amazing humans we are.

Am I reading your mind/telepathic?

Well, if I am then how can my clients explain the fact that I am telling them things that they didn’t know? This happens a l l t h e t i m e in my work. And seriously, what benefit would me telling you things that you already know?  Who would pay me for that, and return?

I am not a fan of the undeservedly popular readers and psychics that are telling you things you already know (what is the value of someone telling you the color of your first car, seriously; how is that making the world a better place)? I have better things to do with my time, talents, education and abilities than pretend to offer soulful information by reading my client’s minds.  Additionally, most people’s minds, are not where I want to be.

My consistently high referral and repurchase rates speak for themselves, here.

From when I first started doing readings, I was led to record every session, knowing that such powerful information was going to be transmitted that the client wouldn’t be able to capture it all from the live experience.

Why would I willingly offer an mp3 recording with every single reading if it was full of nonsense, bullshit, scammy information? (Yes, I also use profanity, fyi, because I like to and because I’m enjoying not “trying to be spiritual.”)

I do all my sessions over the phone or internet, letting the client decide which.  For phone sessions, which are chosen by a majority of clients, there is no body language for me to read and I’m certainly not there with them in person – in person sessions are not even offered, even to local clients.

And even when I’ve done in person sessions when I was starting out, I tended to close my eyes at the beginning of the session while I connected, still having me share for the first 1/3 of our session time.

I’m utilizing what I have for the client, not what they have for me.

These are just some of the ways I can tell you that the services I offer are legitimate and how much I respect my client, their time, resources and worthiness to receive actual support from what I refer to as their and my teams (I don’t what else to call the divine consciousness accessed in my work, but the Holy Spirit works, too).

Some take issue with the fact that I charge for my services, that this somehow this taints my purity, my connection, my sincerity at helping people. But, here’s the thing, my banker, my Tesla dealer, the grocery store check out person, they don’t care how I make my living – they just need to get paid. I don’t have an offering plate being passed around every Sunday for my benefit.  My listeners and clients don’t pay for my housing, food, clothing, my retirement fund or my daughters’ education.

Please consider for yourself, would you rather see a therapist, counselor or psychiatrist that charges nothing, donation based or charges $220/hour? Personally, I would trust and respect more the one charging $220/hour as it demonstrates that they know their worth, value and they most likely expect to be offering me even more than that in value. Or, if not I would not recommend them to others and would not return as a repeat client.

I charge, yes. I charge far less than the value I deliver.

I charge because I value and respect my work and I value and respect myself.

Are their charlatans and fakes and frauds that charge money and rip people off doing work labeled similarly to mine? Of course, but this is true in every field.

There are horrible lawyers that over promise and under deliver and even lie and manipulate and drag out proceedings to keep the billable hours running. There are unprofessional and unethical physicians that recommend surgery when the case and research data wouldn’t warrant.  But since they are a surgeon and want to help, it is their recommendation.

Hence, if you are immediately discounting one’s esoteric abilities and value to you or anyone based on whether they charge or not, I suspect you are just looking for another reason to disbelieve in my case a credible, ethical, high integrity individual like and the others in our industry that I know and am friends with.  High integrity individuals tend to recognize and find each other.

I am confident in my work and in myself.  I take responsibility for my strengths and my weaknesses, which, of course, there are, as I, too, am human.

Confidence is very different than arrogance and any astute, emotionally healthy individual can discern the difference.  Arrogance would be believing that I am a rock star… and you aren’t. In my case, I definitely have chosen to own my rock star amazingness, supernatural layers… And I would love nothing more than for you to do the same for yourself. Because I know that we are A L L individual rock stars. And, I would really like to see what this world, what the human race, can actually do and be when more and more of us are stepping up to these transcendent levels. Especially knowing how much I’ve upgraded myself through my own transcendent growth and expansion.

Still seem impossible?  Well, I tried.  I accept that it sounds like fluff, but… it isn’t and you’ll never know this for yourself if you keep calling it new age bullshit. Got it, rock star?

Appointments can be booked here.  Free podcasts are here or wherever you enjoy your podcasts, just search for my name.  Want to get to know me better? Interviews are a great start, here. Reviews of my work are here.  And, feel free to browse around the site, there is so much to offer.