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For those who aren’t sure psychics and intuitives are real, I can relate!

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2 days ago

Jill Renee Feeler

Happy Father’s Day!

I love to share videos like the one below on Father’s Day because it highlights one of the many special qualities Dads can have, showing up in critical moments like no one else.

Notice that many of the male heroes here aren’t the fathers. Human angels in male form, if only for a crucial moment in another’s life. Thank you to all these beings who stepped in, to your greatness, possibly without thinking about it. Instinctively awesome.

For me appreciating another isn’t about what group they are in or not, what beliefs they have or not, whether they agree with me or not, what they are in other parts of their life or not.

Life isn’t going to look perfect, on anyone, ever.

Maybe by holding space for another’s greatness, we make even more room for it, in them, and in ourselves.

We are in a phase of humanity similar to a witch hunt, ready to say, quite quickly, “see, they are bad. I knew it!” I think this witch hunt comes about because we want to feel safe, and we don’t. But on Earth, safety is never guaranteed, ever. We knew that before incarnating... No one is ever inherently bad. Anyone can have completely effed up layers to their lives, but also be capable of great talents, goodness and even heroics in other facets of their being human. This current temptation to disregard everything about another because of an identified and possibly major infraction, I feel, is going to backfire, on all of us.

In all situations, God offers grace. Thank God.

But this is very complex. Even though we seem to be trying to simplify it. “Is someone good or bad?” It isn’t that easy, we all have layers of both... and we can identify aspects of unlikable or possibly even harmful traits within any One.

Do I want folks like Cosby, Weinstein, and others that have broken laws to be held accountable? Yes. Do I want everyone to feel just and confident enough in themselves to say no to unwanted advances and the ability to safely decline/exit? Yes. And I also think that Cosby did make us laugh and smile, for decades. I remember his stand up comedy on HBO from possibly the 80s and I laughed, hard, at wholesome humor. How can he be both? Humans are fascinating beings with so many layers to who and what we are... And Weinstein helped bring us some amazingly talented actors and great films and tv. How do we reconcile this; the monster amidst the talent? I don’t know. But cutting one’s gifts out from the historical record with their flaws may deprive us all of some joy, laughs and happiness on Earth. So, I don’t know. And I’m not pretending to know. But we all have gifts. And we all have failures, some of them huge and damaging to others. Respecting the victims is important, too, of course.

Sigh. Oh what a messy place this can be.

Anyway to the Men on Earth, I love you, am grateful for you and am sad about the male-bashing or just lack of appreciation, that is so commonplace with your part of our very dynamic and often spectacular race called humanity. (This doesn’t mean I don’t love and appreciate women and our roles. Not sure when we became so effing sensitive where I’d need to clarify that but alas this is our world.)

Happy Father’s Day. We. Are. All. Loved. Beyond our ability to deserve it.

To those with a Dad (everyone lol) if your Dad is still here and you haven’t shown him some love lately, maybe you want to do that. Life is short. Forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves. No one’s perfect. And I truly believe that every One is doing the best they can with what they know. No matter how completely effed up that can look like here on Earth. Now for those extreme cases where your Dad may be legit unsafe to be around, then be smart, trust what’s real. Of course. A card or letter may be best? You decide. Free will in action.

To my Dad, Tom Strand, thank you for being everything I ever needed to feel loved, appreciated and special. I do wish the whole world had a Dad like you. And, nice job kicking cancer’s ass this year... you faced it with strength, intelligence, humor, love and grace and it was impressive. No surprise. P.S. I want you around. Forever. I’m going to be disappointed, I know. But today I can pretend. And you’ll always be my Dad. Thank you ❤️

Jill Renee Feeler---[Episode 02] : SUPERMAN DADS Coming Home: SUPERMAN DADS Coming Home...
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