“We are here at this time with reason and purpose. It is my passion to help you reconnect with Your soulfulness, Your purpose, Your joy for living and for this life. I see the divine in you and I also see the clutter getting in your way – I address both. We are Light in this world and making everything fit together takes mastery. Let’s get you connected to your mastery. Now!” – Jill Renee Feeler

"I've been listening to Jill's podcasts for the past few months which has hugely supported my process of awakening into the truest experience of my Soul on this planet. Very few human beings I know are speaking this language that so deeply resonates with me with such passion, clarity, and beauty. I finally had the pleasure of having a 1-on-1 session with Jill and she delivered the words and consciousness that my entire being benefited greatly from receiving. I am so grateful beyond words to have found such an awakened and kind ally on this path."
"I felt so seen and honored. For me (and I didn't realize this until it was happening in the session) I am not seen and rarely honored in my daily life. Partly because I am not willing to accept it from others. I am afraid of it and avoid it. I've never felt so honored and nurtured and heard and that is the truth. I thought I'd go through this whole life and never get to feel that like I hear other people talk about. I couldn't stop crying because it was really happening. And it wasn't Jill honoring me that I was feeling (which she was) it was me honoring me. I just didn't think it was possible. I recommend having a session w/ Jill. Her work is so true and pure.
I hope this testimonial comes close to expressing my gratitude and the magnitude of transformation that happened. My life has been so much better."
Feb 27 2016
Hi Jill,
Thank you for my private session and for your work in general. What used to seem "too good to be true" in terms of what is possible for me is feeling more possible because of you. I feel comforted and inspired by your presence, clarity, and love. I just watched your webinar about pain addiction and then did some positive empowering affirmations. Funnily enough, right after I was done I felt so much resistance and anger in my body--someone in there is really upset about me being happy! I look forward to peace and joy being my regular state. I am really considering signing up for your 6-week class. Thanks again,