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Offering 21st century enlightenment, psychic intuitive, Jill Renee Feeler helps us better understand and appreciate ourselves, this world and why we are here.

The most satisfying, rational answers you'll find, to the biggest questions you have.

In this message, I reflect on a FB post from 5 years prior and how I would re-write it today. I now see the presumption and possibly even arrogance in the attitudes I held 5 years ago. I accept and offer grace to myself for that limited view and celebrate the more expansive, albeit complex present views I now hold.

A new perspective on what happened before the big bang that will possibly help scientists ask better questions, to reach better answers.

The opportunity to travel to foreign lands safely and mindfully has offered so much more meaning, joy, connection and depth to my life and my sense of self.

A completely refreshing, simple, effective approach to accessing answers, well-being and connection, all within self. Meditation then message follows, beautifully related to one another.

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Maximizing your potential is best pursued by being more honest yourself, following a well-designed process of inner reflection and building on your natural strengths and gifts. This approach to personal transcendence yields the results you desire.

Offering ten specific and inspired strategies for handling uncertainty amidst the increasingly unpredictable landscape of personal and business decisions. With these techniques you will feel more confident, capable, realistic and courageous to face whatever comes your way.

An experience to assist you in creating a center of well-being, no matter what is going on, that is sustainable, expanded and authentically transcendent. I hope you enjoy it!

In this clarifying, enlightening message, a completely new perspective towards humanity, its soulful layers and our ability to upgrade this reality, now and across all timelines, backwards, forwards and present.

Do you want to actually be empowered, with the true nature of this reality? Or do you want to pretend to be empowered, with oversimplified, well packaged story lines, that do not explain what is actually going on?

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