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Making sense of life, living and this realm. Beyond religion, science. An updated ideology to base one’s sense of self within this reality, and beyond it. 

Insights into a form of spirituality that is based on the world rapidly undergoing a spiritual awakening and on helping it happen.

Awakening Cult is a spiritual movement whose teachings have an unhealthy focus on a destined utopian global society from mass awakening.

A story of natural spiritual gifts held by a skeptic and nonbeliever in the supernatural.

Brief 6 minute video message of support for staying centered, discerning and in authority of oneself followed by hand selected resources to assist and support.

Five star 14 night epic journey to Egypt with top rated psychic intuitive Jill Renee Feeler.

On the March Equinox we experienced a Jill's show that I am led to share in its wholeness. I hope you enjoy it and find it uniquely enlightening.

The guest on Jill's Show offered the perfect question to clarify ascension, and provide a completely different sense of unity and consciousness.

Psychic Intuition for Audience Member feeling Anticipation but also Uncertainty.

Psychic Intuition for Single Mother Working on Her PhD, finding love and receiving love and support in her life, even when she is single, not only through romantic relationships.

Advice for parenting teens, being a you that you like and even love even when your child's hormones seem to be bringing out the worst in you.

Tips for receiving our newsletter that you signed up for, but are not seeing in your email account.

Offering a reframe of this reality and the forces behind some of the more pernicious events that happen in our world including mass shootings.

Upcoming Live Events available exclusively within our Premium Content

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