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Jill Renee Feeler delivers inspired, fresh perspectives on topics that matter. Jill is a wise choice for audiences within spiritual and esoteric, business and entrepreneurs, health and wellness and even those in the cosmology and science community dedicated to understanding the expanded design of this reality… beyond spacetime.

Jill’s areas of specialty include:

  • psychic intuitive insights on topics of your choosing (strategy, industry, existential, science, societal, etc.)
  • personal connection to Source energy
  • why most seekers don’t “find”
  • top mistakes made by spiritual seekers and how to fix them
  • transcendental connection for the non-spiritual/atheist/agnostic crowd
  • honing in on personal challenges, providing coping strategies
  • better understanding our self and others
  • upgraded interpersonal skills
  • creating relationship harmony | being more honest about dysfunctional relationships
  • experiencing transcendental layers without drugs, “spirit medicine,” years in caves
  • deconstructing societal problems so that we can create better solutions
  • a completely mind-blowing story of this reality, what it is, why it exists, and why we are “here”
  • personal insights via “readings” in 1:1 and group settings online or in person
  • fresh, sometimes uncomfortable perspectives on organized religion and the “New Age”
  • unique and original perspectives on history and the evolution of life
  • the real Jesus
  • demystifying God
  • undoing cult-like energy patterns ~ even for those who don’t know they are under their spell
  • demystifying “darkness” in this world and creating better approaches to be the light of God amidst the lack of light in this world.

She has been offering her gifts and insights online since 2009 to global audiences and enjoys surprising individuals with their many accessible layers of self.

You will not be disappointed in engaging Jill for your group or audience.

Note: Jill does not do women’s only events, nor men’s only events. If all genders are invited and welcomed to your event or group, perfecto.

It would be our honor to sincerely consider all authentic requests.

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    Why request Jill as your next speaker?

    Jill’s approach to interviews and presentations is to not over prepare, allowing her to also rely on her own transcendental layers and fresh ideas to flow freely. So many speakers are repeating the same stories over and over again which can feel stale and lifeless. Other presenters and guests are so nervous or closed minded that they are only focused on what they want to say next… not listening, not engaging with the host or other panelists. This can leave the audience feeling uninspired or even bored. They can feel it. When Jill shares she is in the moment, with the audience, with the host or other panelists, allowing it all to further inspire what she shares, with divine intent, high relevance and enjoyable spontaneity.

    Jill makes even the most mind-blowing concepts accessible and relevant, using humor, joy and irreverence to allow for more breakthroughs in the audience’s minds, hearts and souls.

    Audiences can feel the difference, and love it. Even if they don’t agree with Jill’s points or perspectives, she creates a space for honorable, authentic discord. The way conversation can be, when we allow for the deeper layers of self to be involved.