Platinum Age Ground Crew

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New to Jill Renee Feeler (Platinum Age Creations LLC)? Welcome! We have a lot to share with you to personally connect to Your Light within, deconstruct what isn’t working and support your amazing Soul Signature in this reality. We don’t ask this reality to be anything other than exactly what it is ~ no more dreaming of this reality changing… so that you can then be your light. That isn’t mastery. Masters operate at their best even in less than ideal circumstances. We knew what this world would be before we came…  Don’t underestimate yourSelf. And, let’s not underestimate the power of unconsciousness in this reality, either!

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It is my honor to be alongside you in this reality, each of us being our individual light… Shining because we can. Because we want to. Because it is why we came. Here.

With love, gratitude and blessings,


Picture from Platinum Age Retreat in Zion Utah 2017.  Photo: Melissa Bayliss