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For those desiring a fresh, transcendent view of themselves, this reality and its purpose, our courses are unlike you find anywhere else ~ truly liberating.  They are timeless and can be taken in any order.

Explore, Consider and Select what stands out to you.

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Accessible Enlightenment for the Real World

If we did it correctly, this fresh expression of the simulation hypothesis includes everyone. everything. even beyond the big bang. all "times" and beyond. time. beyond. space. beyond life. beyond death. beyond. but all. within.

Our latest series with a package just for our fellow Practitioners, providing life changing upgrades for all top performers and supporters of personal growth and wellness across the globe. Activations into your Infinite Self's Vibrational Frequency.

Our latest series, providing life changing upgrades for all top performers and personal growth devotees across the globe. Activations into your Infinite Self's Vibrational Frequency.

Self Love starts with real food, that your body knows what to do with. Conquer cravings! It works!!

Unique, sacred teachings for embodying your light, claiming your sovereignty, receiving God's grace and freeing yourSelf from the reincarnation programs operating in this reality. You never needed to incarnate... and you never have to again, no matter what you life looks like, or doesn't look like... Truth!!

A channeled weekend workshop to work directly with our Eternal Selves for achieving personal expansion, growth, while bypassing the obstacles that are hindering our light here on Earth.

I’d love for you to join me in this completely ground breaking expansion. We are pulling back the curtain way back to reveal deeper levels of consciousness. Actually, let's rip off the curtains. And let the light in. From the inside out.

Six hours of enlightening, groundbreaking channeled messages, building a pathway of light thru this Dark Age.

The Pleiadian Council and Jill have partnered with you to melt the obstacles, clear up the confusions and let your light in… here, for now. Let’s do this.

Time, teleportation, trusting our creator abilities, and other fascinating topics (including how authentic crop circles are made!)

ASCENSION CODES Life and Eternity like you've never seen it... to help us Live, unlike we ever have before.

A series unlike I've ever done before: we explore the nature of unconsciousness ~ mind-blowing and code breaking

My team asked me to lead a group into a new structure for the Divine Human, creating The Balanced Heart. It is the next step after the amazing work already done here on Earth with the archetypes of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine into expansion of Being light in human form.

When I asked my team what we would provide for this special audience, they said “We want them to know they Are ready, to be their light, at levels that will surprise them. That is why they are on Earth. To be their Light.”

We are being asked and invited into a very special group experience to take things to the next level. This time, we are going even deeper within ourselves. To do so, we will peel back some veils, revealing the the pure Light of God that we are… even while we are human.

Deep truths, long and lovely meditations, powerful messages. This is a treasure chest of Profound Insights, Growth and Love.

Relationships, and how to feel like ourselves, our light in these relationships is one of the most popular topics that clients raise in private sessions.

We came here to Be Our Light, boldly, brightly. Tools and Teachings to connect with your higher self energies

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