An enlightened view to dark energy and malevolence in this reality that further empowers those who live to do good in the world.

Transcendent Connection

A New Framework for Transcendence via the Simulation Hypothesis

4 Session Workshop Recordings ~ 8 hour experience

Upgrade your “awakening” and transcendental experiencing with this entirely new framework. For anyone who wants their time, their life to matter.

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Create an entirely new framework

for defining. explaining. understanding.

this reality

(beyond time/space),



and the transcendence of each…

If we did it correctly, this fresh expression of the simulation hypothesis includes everyone. everything. even beyond the big bang. all “times” and beyond. time. beyond. space. beyond life. beyond death. beyond. but all. within.

wholeness. self-actualization. transcendence. for life.


That is what this is. So excited for you to have your experience with it.

Reviews from this Course:

“Dear Jill, I am feeling whole and complete. I love the new verbiage we have created. It feels expansive. I have been so done with “woohoo” new age, spiritual, religious terms. I also feel like I dropped baggage that I didn’t even know I was carrying around…but I don’t feel, high, like in the sky, or outside of myself. I am centered in my truth, and curious about what else we can create…” – Renee

“Dear Jill,
During session 3 I felt myself settle into my authentic self, whole and complete. I also felt my throat chakra open to be able to speak my own truth. This workshop was very validating to me for beliefs that I have had since I was a child. I love what we created and feel there is more to come!” – Kim

“Thank you Jill for your uplifting Transcendent Connection workshop this weekend. I am newly infused with knowing and accepting my transcendent wholeness and completeness in spite of my human foibles. I am now content to be an experiencer in a simulation in which I can be curious and questioning….and still be OK without needing to know all the answers. It is liberating to consider allowing my certain true nature to support me while still in my uncertain human journey.” – Rose Dorr

“I definitely feel the expansion of being empowered to create new ways of being. Stepping out of my self imposed mold and feeling I have so many more possibilities. I like the idea of not being afraid of being the creator of origin that I AM and being OK to say it. Thank you Jill for your courage and your laughter. I couldn’t watch the whole weekend so I can’t wait to listen again and integrate more expansions. From my heart to yours” – Donna

“If you’re looking for an upgrade and a new, fresh understanding of how Earth works, please consider this workshop. Jill nails it as she shares truths about our transcendental self actualization. Learn how to access your authority to choose and create whatever it is you want!!! Appreciate a new sense of Self as you experience that outer edge of expansion. These tools and truths are exactly what you need to give yourself permission to play in the realms of creation and experience the you that you want to be! Thank you Jill, this one was epic! xoxo” – Connie Rutledge

“Jill Wow! Wow! WoW! So much information to take it, however on some level, I recognized much of it as true. I printed out your 28 cult traits and along with the workshop identified where I had been in cults. The not knowing I was, was a big part of the truth. I feel liberated and excited. You helped me to make sense of my journey and to liberate me from all the seeking. As I go back and read parts of your book Bringer of Light, I receive it on a deeper level. I have re listened to the workshop again and heard many new things. I made a list of all the new framework words I could remember. I had already written my story but I will go back and do it with this framework. Thank you from the bottom of a very grateful heart. More authentic laughter will be in my new re-frame!
Good job Jill!” – Alicia Gwilliam

“In this lifetime, you will receive a few, rare opportunities to truly connect to your authentic self and understand what meaning and relevance of “being here” has upon daily earth living. Jill is one of those rare souls who brings forth new knowledge, wisdom and language that will change your perspective of Source light and love. She BUSTS out old myths, cultish approaches and conditioned stories we have been told or taught in the realm of spiritual teachings about who we are and why we are here. Talk about authenticity! Jill is THE BRAND for authentic truth. When in her energy field, (live or listening to her recordings) your love and light shines in ways that will surprise you and at times will make you feel uncomfortable; only in the realization you haven’t shined in the dark corners of where you have been told to go hide. Jill has the courage and boldness to bring forth transcendence wisdom that is a life game changer. Her recent Transcendent Connection workshop activated my creativity and passion to embrace and embody my wholeness in knowing and honoring my authentic self. I’m forever grateful for Jill as a sister of authentic truths, love and light making her one of a kind spiritual teachers; activating us as “experiencers” to navigate and appreciate earth living.” – Lisa Clayton

“From the first time I heard Jill speak, I knew that I was hearing words that rang true in my heart. This workshop is an amazing journey and once Jill taps into her Team and speaks from her Divine Self, it’s best to strap in and get ready for an awesome ride!
It feels absolutely amazing to hear Jill reveal details about how and why we incarnate, the post death experience, and the after-life; even more so when she learns something new that she has never considered before!
Sometimes, Jill may say things that conflict some of your existing beliefs; even beliefs you may be very attached to. This happened to me, but Jill’s clarity and conviction explaining why certain things work the way they do is so reasonable and logical that you find yourself thinking, “Of course that’s how it works, that’s the only thing that makes sense!”.
If you are looking for a group that strongly believes we are here to be pioneers as we move forward into a new ways of being, this is where you need to be. If you want to understand how important you are in designing and moving Humanity to a new way of seeing this world and honoring all of the awesome variation available to you in this reality, this is where you need to be. If you want a new framework to work with, this is where you need to be.
Jill is a revolutionary (in the best of ways) and she invites us all to be her companions on this road. She is a guide, yes, but a co-creator with all of us! We are honored to work with her and beside her in these efforts.
I can’t recommend this course any more enthusiastically. You don’t want to miss Jill’s discoveries as she communicates with her Team and then to all of us (you) on the call. It’s an experience that I had never had before (I’m relatively new to Jill – I first learned of her about 2 months ago and have been avidly learning as much as I can about her and her work since that day!), but hope to have many times over as I continue to work with Jill!” – Elaine

“New horizons, fresh perspectives on what earth offers humanity, and expansive ways of being are just the tip of the iceberg from what was offered in this workshop! Loved it, and I’m so glad I signed up for this experience. Thank you Jill and the team for speaking truths that strengthen every aspect of our being!” – Kayli

Very essential, core stuff! Resonates with me completely and in freedom. Thank you!” – Karin

“This workshop is so powerful that the glorious transcendence of my human will continue for many months to come. I could feel the energy move inside me and create space for magical upgrades. Several days before the workshop, I could feel myself being prepared for what was to be created during that weekend.

So many things opened up for me: things that I couldn’t see before; tricky ways that I am lying to myself; new ways of looking at beliefs and situations; ways that I was blocked; new layers of being my best self.
I was resistant to the new language at first but upon another listen I understood why. I think the new language triggered something that had really bothered me. When I first awakened over 10 years ago, some people would correct my language if it wasn’t 100% positive. The cult belief that the universe only understands positivity was their thinking and they would push it on me. It would seriously piss me off because they weren’t being honest with themselves. How dare they tell me how to speak when I am not being negative and  I am being authentic, is what I thought.
I absolutely love what we created. It was beyond Epic and important. I am so grateful that I am a part of something so special! The new framework makes so much sense in this nonsensical world.
Plan to listen many many more times. The quarantine offered us a new way to do workshops. Thank you! Thank you!” – A.M.

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