Hello Beautiful Cosmic Family!

There is sooo much here, going back many years. Starting with the most recent, or to whatever you feel drawn towards, is encouraged.

You are light. Even here. Remember. Please remember. Humanity’s greatness. Lies within. God’s light is eternal.

Dedicated support for those who officially and unofficially encourage and inspire the divine light within their fellow humans.

An amazing monthly members event, led by the members questions which went from top existential questions, to our take on specific events in their life, that effect so many of us! You ask great questions (particularly our members!). Oh the Expansion we created!

A different sort of message from us, offering insights on our thoughts, meditation, telepathy, creating inner peace, reducing anxiety/panic/fear in our lives.

Ancient Greek Marble Pyramid Found on an Aegean Island

Unique, sacred teachings for embodying your light, claiming your sovereignty, receiving God's grace and freeing yourSelf from the reincarnation programs operating in this reality. You never needed to incarnate... and you never have to again, no matter what you life looks like, or doesn't look like... Truth!!

A journey within to your inner goodness, or is greatness? Or is it gloriousness? So many possibilities. So many opportunities. Almost endless ways to be You. In every moment.