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Making sense of life, living and this realm. Beyond religion, science. An updated ideology to base one’s sense of self within this reality, and beyond it. 

Loving words and energies for those who feel closed to love, to light, to God, encouraging them to look for and receive the light of Source available here on Earth. Always.

Brief 13 minute experience for deeper, higher quality sleep, relaxing the mind and letting go.

World renowned intuitive, philosopher Jill Renee Feeler offers dedicated support for those who officially and unofficially encourage and inspire the divine light within their fellow humans.

Metatron and our Theory of Everything offers a completely fresh view of this reality, its purpose and its nature that dispels dogma, religion and new age ideas of awakening.

Mastery, light and choosing love no matter what

A centering, letting go experience rich in wisdom and discernment.  Deep assistance for your agency and authenticity in this reality.

A very soft, gentle clearing and expansion is offered, helping you feel even more present, focused and effective in your life, in this world.

A connection experience honoring the amazing partnership we are with the layers of ourselves, including the many layers of the physical self.

A message from Archangel Gabriel to inform, expand and hopefully inform.

Some helpful info to those new to our work about how we approach, why we do it this way and how it is fundamentally different than most other teachings, teachers, self-actualization structures.

A connection experience honoring the wide spectrum of where all of us might be right now, and cheering on those who feel motivated and inspired. We also assist those who tend to hand over their authority to others, don't trust themselves and those who worry about others.

Topics include predictions about Covid-19, advice for singles, crop circles and some conversation with a colleague, Deirdre Catlin.

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