Hello Beautiful Cosmic Family!

There is sooo much here, going back many years. Starting with the most recent, or to whatever you feel drawn towards, is encouraged.

You are light. Even here. Remember. Please remember. Humanity’s greatness. Lies within. God’s light is eternal.

So grateful for the Buddha and the plethora of truth bombs, deep insights and practical upgrades from this experience. 

I’d love for you to join me in this completely ground breaking expansion. Brand new materials! We will be doing more than pulling back the curtain on deeper levels of consciousness. We are going to rip off the curtains. And let the light in. From the inside out.

A channeled weekend workshop to work directly with our Eternal Selves for achieving personal expansion, growth, while bypassing the obstacles that are hindering our light here on Earth.

Greece is legendary, for many, many reasons. And it remains a treasure of sacred energies, intergalactic portals, timeless treasures. Custom itinerary for FUN, adventure and expansion with fellow Bringers of Light!

Inspiration and wisdom for greatness within Self and reaching new heights within your humanness. Goddess Isis. Pythagoras.

A Cosmic Family Reunion, in a place on Earth so special that you will remember it always, enjoying your Light, within you, upgraded into your divine connection!