Hello Beautiful Cosmic Family!

There is sooo much here, going back many years. Starting with the most recent, or to whatever you feel drawn towards, is encouraged.

You are light. Even here. Remember. Please remember. Humanity’s greatness. Lies within. God’s light is eternal.

Egypt is legendary, for many, many reasons. And it remains a treasure of sacred energies, intergalactic portals, timeless treasures. Custom itinerary for FUN, adventure and expansion with fellow Bringers of Light!

New problems, big challenges call for open-mindedness, fresh perspectives and solutions you may have never considered.

Going with the flow, of the light expansion on Earth, and so honored to be a part of it, alongside you.

Six hours of enlightening, groundbreaking channeled messages, building a pathway of light thru this Dark Age.

Today is an invitation to break out of our bubbles of inner protection.

Engaging conversation about the After Life, the new series, and claiming our Light here.