Hello Beautiful Cosmic Family!

There is sooo much here, going back many years. Starting with the most recent, or to whatever you feel drawn towards, is encouraged.

You are light. Even here. Remember. Please remember. Humanity’s greatness. Lies within. God’s light is eternal.

An updated, upgraded view of starseed, feeling like you don't fit, and/or feeling like Earth is not home.

Inspiring messages to inspire the Light of God within. We turn "enlightenment" teachings upside down in this process.

A reflective message on divine feminine, divine masculine, remedies to the world's problems, blaming the patriarchy and trying to progress through diminishing the role of males in our world.

Monthly members events are another level of personal connection, individual expansion and feeling your light within. Please try it out for yourself, cancel at anytime if you don't enjoy it.

Making light real, amidst what is, with all the amazing ingredients that you already are.

Beautiful brothers and sisters sometimes ask me to tell the other realms things such as thank you to their "team", an apology to a deceased loved one, etc.