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Hello Beautiful Cosmic Family!

There is sooo much here, going back many years. Starting with the most recent, or to whatever you feel drawn towards, is encouraged.

You are light. Even here. Remember. Please remember. Humanity’s greatness. Lies within. God’s light is eternal.

Celebrate the September Equinox together with the members and this Equinox inspired message, addressing the present religion of science... many revealing concepts and revelations, all for the expansion of truth, wisdom, authenticity and free will of humanity as we welcome the new frequencies of this dawning platinum age.

World renowned channeler Jill Renee Feeler invites members to ask her anything, leading to mind-blowing revelations and heart expansive liberation that will help you feel more ~personally~ connected to the light of Source, God. Stop chasing. Start finding. The infinite light of God.

Releasing Key misunderstandings about what is needed before we can be our best selves, sharing and being our light on Earth. Freedom, Liberation, Truth and a bit of Conspiracy are within this refreshing podcast. More details and referenced links at

A weekend for expansion, breakthroughs, bold truths and personal revelations with world renowned channel Jill Renee Feeler! If you even curious, you are encouraged to say YES! to this experience and the resulting even more glorious layers of you that will be revealed!

There is another way to live on purpose, pursue your passions, access joy and make a good and honest living.

Enlightening conversation, bold truths, real expansion!