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It is an honor to be providing individual psychic and intuitive consultations and group readings to clients around the globe.

In addition to sessions with myself, I have also hand selected 4 exceptional providers onto our network, experts that I receive sessions from and support for being my best Jill.

I recommend each of us to provide you with the masterful support you deserve. 

Trust yourself in choosing with whom to meet for your session.

Note: I may be booked out quite a ways and some of the other providers may be as well ~ please trust that your session timing will end up being more perfect than you can imagine. I see it every day ~ clients that waited weeks or months for their session, when they wanted to meet right away, and the session date ended up being absolutely divine.

Available here from Jill and the others are psychic readings, intuitive readings, channeled messages, mediumship, crystal energy healing, hypnosis, nutritional insight, energy healing, energy activations, trauma healing, general support,  getting unstuck, fresh starts/new beginnings, and insights for your next breakthrough. Topic areas for sessions can include health, spiritual gifts, connecting with your team/Spirit, relationship insights, love life, parenting advice, insights on others, career counseling, personal development, confirmation of key life decisions and so much more.

  1. What do you want to help with? 
  2. Which provider jumps out for you?
  3. Book it!

As with our clients across the globe, you are likely to be so glad you did…

and wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

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Meet Bridgette, Connie, Cristin and Deirdre, each soulfully gifted and ready to uniquely assist you

Bridgette Aldrich ~ Energy Alignment Pro

Connie Rutledge ~ Nutrition/Wellness Expert

Cristin Russell ~ Breakthrough Coach

Deirdre Catlin ~ Expert Healer

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