It is an honor to be providing individual consultations to clients around the globe.

In addition to sessions with myself, I have also hand selected 5 exceptional providers onto our network, experts that I receive sessions from and support for being my best Jill.

I recommend each of us to provide you with the masterful support you deserve. 

Trust yourself in choosing with whom to meet for your session.

Note: I am booked out quite a ways and some of the other providers may be as well ~ please trust that your session timing will end up being more perfect than you can imagine. I see it every day ~ clients that waited weeks or months for their session, when they wanted to meet right away, and the session date ended up being absolutely divine.

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Meet Bridgette, Connie, Cristin, Deirdre and Michael, each soulfully gifted and ready to uniquely assist you

Bridgette Aldrich ~ Energy Alignment Pro

Connie Rutledge ~ Nutrition/Wellness Expert

Cristin Russell ~ Breakthrough Coach

Deirdre Catlin ~ Expert Healer

Michael Dake ~ Master Healer

Michael Dake intro video coming soon ~ I have sessions from him every two weeks to help me feel and be my best Jill

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