JRF (mini) Podcast #227 2020 Energies and Light Activation

An inspiring mini message touching on where the 2020 energies come from and what is offered to us in our personal transformations and awakening.

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“Hello EveryOne :-)

I hope that you are doing well. The 2020 energies are wafting in, supporting us in being a continuously upgraded form of ourselves. How much light will we allow ourselves to hold?  Our self is consistently created, through our choosing and actions of who and what we are.

The 2020 energies, aren’t handed to us, from some outside force.

Rather, “new energies” are inserted here, by us… through us, by our being a version of light that we hadn’t been before.

Please deeply consider this for yourself.

This is a radically different way of viewing ourselves and this reality.

Any astrological or numerological happenings are there because we put them there, as our Eternal Selves, as our Source energy. Hence, we aren’t the outcome of such “external forces”; the “external forces” are inputs and supports we placed there, for this life, for these times, for our being light in ways that break the mold on what humanity is capable of…

For my fellow masters (which is each of you) who may be enchanted by energy forecasts and the interpreted meanings of such supposed external forces, I invite you into another level of your mastery, into the truer layers of Your embodiment of Source energy. As your human. That you and this reality aren’t the product of such forces – rather those forces are the product of us, as our Source energy. And in this reality, as our human, we are also the recipient of such forces. Recipient as our human. Creator as our Infinite states as Source.

Is this arrogant, to consider oneself in such a masterful way, so much more closely aligned to Source energy such that we would organize the movements and transitions of stars and universal forces to suit our own conscious, Bringer of Light human endeavors? It is arrogant, if one considers themselves superior to their fellow humans; if one disregards the human race in general and or if one would rather not be a part of humanity in any way. However, when one allows for the flooding of Source light, love, compassion, grace, wisdom, discernment into their humanity (a flooding from the inside out), then one rests themselves in God’s grace not only for their own human, but for all of humanity. And this, is not arrogant at all. It is the ultimate gift we as our Source energy can offer humanity, including to our own human. And this gift can only truly be given when we are embodied as human…  A divine purpose indeed for incarnating, and most likely one of the most upgraded views for why you are here, why your Infinite Self made a you to Be. Now. This is a humble yet also masterful embodiment of God’s love. God’s love desires to be fully flowing and wholly received within humanity, even in humanity’s present form and embodiment. Because God’s love, God’s Grace is that big. Thank God. A washing, a clearing unlike any other.

I do hope you’ve received the energetic gifts offered in the words above. For these words are simply containers for divine energy.

I extend continuous compassion towards those perceiving their spirituality as a quest for betterment, as a journey of improvement as if you aren’t yet ready for a full embodiment of the love of God that you are… I see you very differently than you see yourself. I see you as the full light that you are Eternally. I see your present human as a whollly divine container for this light and that your human is and always has been a divine structure, no matter what it looks like or doesn’t look like, no matter what you can “do” or can’t do, no matter what is working well or not working well. You don’t need to make it right, to make you ready, for being the love and light of God that you Are, for nothing, no thing, could ever possibly be in the way of God’s love and light… Nothing.  To think you need to get rid of anything or add anything so that you can be a divine receiver of Source energy would be like a lovely white feather floating in the air, worried it was getting in the way of the sun’s light on a clear, calm, beautiful day.  The feather couldn’t get in the way of the Sun’s rays… no matter how much it can pretend it is in the way… In God’s clear perception you were born ready, ready to be the Bringer of Light that you are. Then the question isn’t when will you be ready or what to do next to become ready. The question then becomes, when were you not ready… Brother, Sister:  you have always been ready. I know there are many world-famous, highly regarded, lovely and light-based teachers who don’t see it like we do. I know they are doing the best they can with what they know. And I see the results everyday, of fellow Bringers Of Light, pretending that they have things to work on here so that they can then become a divine container of God’s light and God’s love.

I tried, for years, to pretend that all of us, as teachers were correct, out of honor and respect for them and their work and you and your many choices for what truths you will make true for yourselves.

But, at some point, I realized I was perpetuating the lie, the lie that the Light is what you connect to. It’s so crystal clear to me that the Light is what we are, what you are, what all life is. Not what we connect to… I understand the temptation of the mind, the brain, to seek a quest, a challenge for becoming light, as if you as your human and as your infinite self are not already, infinitely light. But it won’t work ~ because this line of thinking and being can’t see the light that you Are, until you show it, you show You, the light that you Are.  Not by what you can do or can’t do. I’m not light because I can do readings and can channel and other giftedness. I am light because I am light. You are light because you are Light. By definition, of life.

Everything we offer, everything we do begins and ends with the truth of the Light that you Are. Everything. Because that is what we feel is most needed, and most lacking. We deeply appreciate the challenge of this task. Because it runs counter to endless teachings, practices and modalities that are also here in these realms. Still we continue anyway, because our love of Light is so true, so dedicated and so unending. And our love for you and for all is so deep and so timeless. And so unconditional.

I do apologize if sometimes our laser focused approach on the light that you are can be upsetting, disruptive or confusing. But the reason it can be perceived this way is because this truth of the Light that you Are is running into false teachings and lies held within your structure, by you. We mean no harm and we mean no disrespect. And yet we’ve chosen to not hold back on the truth, out of love for you and for all. And in a Dark Age, amidst so many misconceptions and lies, lies that teachers don’t even know are lies, this is often a disheartening task. We love you enough to do it anyway. You, your life, your light is worth it. Every day.

How do we accept the Light that we Are?  By declaring to yourself that “I am the Light, right now, and always have been, and always will be, and I couldn’t actually not be my Light, even if I tried, even if my mind doesn’t understand it.” Now, and this is very important, notice wherever your mind goes next… because your mind is likely to start going into it’s storage cabinet of false reasons of why you aren’t yet light.  All the teachings and processes and protocols that have kept you on a quest for being light, as if you aren’t yet light… Those are the cupboards to clear out my friend. Not because they are in the way of your light… rather because they are in the way of you knowing and being and living the light that You Are. Ok? I highly recommend just tossing out those false teachings, with a loving extension to the resources that offered them to you, wishing them well, while honoring and loving yourself enough to live by the truths that you Are Light. Always, and infinitely. And then, with that acceptance of God’s pure light and love, for YOU, you lighten up, from the inside out and more easily let go of whatever structures had you holding back God’s love because you were certain you hadn’t earned it yet, weren’t ready yet. And from this enlightenment, this authentic light within, you can now free yourself up to the be the human that you’ve been waiting to try out, waiting to be. You will create this, for yourself – it isn’t something you find, because it isn’t there yet. Like the 2020 energies, a more light-based you isn’t handed to you. Rather it is created, by you, as You are led. What would an enlightened you do, be? Please make sure those choices include the practicalities of our present time… For we still need to take care of ourselves and our dependents, our bills, our health, our households, etc. The enlightenment of self may not be particularly passionate about these more mundane aspects of being human right now. But, I know our enlightened selves are also more than capable of handling these aspects of being human, too. We never needed the world to change so that we could then be our Light. We brought our light with us, from the inside out. It is what we Are. And this reality is what it is. Being our light anyway is such a liberating approach for the light that we are, to be what we will allow it to be, amidst what is our present world. Ok? Cheers to your Infinite Self, your human and the glorious light that you Are!

Offered with Love,

P.S. we’ve discontinued our live weekly podcasts indefinitely in lieu of fresh weekly pre-recorded podcasts which you can easily find through our newsletters, by subscribing on youtube or through podcast streaming subscriptions of your choosing. And, for this week, I’ve recorded the above message and shared it as this week’s “mini” podcast.  I’m still getting organized after the life changing Greece client trip and readying for the Zion retreat that begins Thursday. And then Egypt is right around the corner in Jan 2020.”