JRF Podcast #216 Portal to Greatness

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A journey within to your inner goodness, or is greatness? Or is it gloriousness? So many possibilities. So many opportunities. Almost endless ways to be You. In every moment. Many in this world are quick to point out the dark side, our inner shadow. And yet there is even more goodness, greatness, majesty available, right alongside the lack of light, less desirable flavors of self. So, why not investigate your inner majesty at least as much as you may have waded through the inner darkness? The inner majesty isn’t underneath the darkness. The darkness need not be removed, or resolved in order to be your own versions of greatness. They go alongside each other, because we are presently within the Earthly realms. Our eternal self is not battling shadows and darkness. They are temporary facets of having a human experience. Let it be there. Let your inner greatness also be there. Choose. Consciously. What you Are. And take responsibility for whatever you are in each moment, the versions of you that you like and the versions of you that you don’t, ok? Conscious Greatness. Maybe this focus is more meaningful for evolution and progress, much more so focusing on shadow work. In my work I definitely find this to be true. Plus, the shadow isn’t going anywhere. It’s here for the ride of our humanness. We knew that. It’s not a problem. Especially not for the natural divine order of your majesty. Let’s play with that! Experiment. Explore. Create. And adjust accordingly. As You are led. To lead yourSelf. Creating yourSelf in further iterations as you go. Not seeking perfection. Not desiring an ending. Just constantly curious about how much more glory you can possibly be, even now. Born ready. To be brilliant.

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