Hello Beautiful Cosmic Family!

I am beyond excited to share my activation gifts and abilities for in person spiritual events and experiences. I offer much expansion and support for our interdimensional living through distance private sessions and numerous online experiences. And yet, the power and purpose of in person interaction is very special.   I look forward to seeing you in person!

The 2015 Platinum Age Retreat was off-the-charts awesome. Each year, I am blown away and each year it gets even better. Jill masterfully creates a space for connection with soul family, connection with our higher selves and our teams, and connection with the planet and our role in the shift. She holds the space for and guides us as we show up in our goddess/galactic roles, contributing our unique gifts and talents in a way that creates massive shifts in the energies on the planet. At the same time, we each seem to walk away more empowered, having experienced more of our multi-dimensional selves in action. Perhaps most importantly, Jill creates the space for us to take these experiences home with us, further embodying the energies and activations, further living them in our daily lives, and further anchoring them into the collective. I am truly grateful for an incredible, upspiraling, win-win-win experience on so many levels."

Mary Magdalene Sacred Adventure in France Sept. 29-Oct. 6, 2018

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Many of us feel a very close connection to Mary Magdalene, knowing there is much more than the New Testament describes. Our sacred travel includes locations where Mary visited and lived in France after Jesus' death.

Platinum Age Retreat Zion Oct. 24-27, 2018

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A Cosmic Family Reunion, in a place on Earth so special that you will remember it always.

Egypt & Petra Jordan Trip Feb 3 – 14 2018

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Unlocking the Codes in Egypt and Petra Feb. 3-14, 2018 ~ limited spots remaining.

Platinum Age Retreat: Zion 2017

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Platinum Age Retreats are like a recharge for our Soul! Meeting people that feel like family. Expanding our hearts and activating our consciousness for further creations, deeper meaning and pure joy.

Jill in Scottsdale

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Humanity is far more sophisticated and advanced than we are presently told...

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