JRF Podcast #244 Divergence & Perpetually Ascended Timelines

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A helpful, liberating explanation for why even consciousness communities are viewing things like the covid vaccination differently, and may never agree. Convergence, coming together of all high vibe beings, is a myth. There are better explanations. Strategies for wholeness and well-being are offered.

Practitioner Group Coaching Session on the Sept Equinox 2021

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A deeply fulfilling message to help practitioners and helpers on Earth further expand their consciousness, their gifts and their transcendental layers. Mary Magdalene and Jesus were part of this special Equinox experience today. I hope you enjoy it. Becoming a premium subscriber is more than worth it, even for just this information and instruction. 

Are you waiting to get a session until the perfect time?

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I get it, some of us clean the house before a housecleaner comes to do their work. Similarly, I hear from individuals that they want to have everything straightened out and orderly in their life before they have a session. Are you waiting to have a session, until you don't need a session?

JRF Podcast #241 Quicker Approaches to Soulfulness and Spiritual Connection from Jill Renee Feeler

By |2021-09-09T11:48:04-06:00September 9th, 2021|Categories: Audio Podcast, Blog, Gifted Audio Webinars, JRF Podcasts, Tips for Spiritual Awakening, Undoing Cult Ideology|

Did you know there are entirely new, more effective transcendence and enlightenment paths that provide immediate benefits? It is brand new ~ and my clients are regularly leaving behind the (now) outdated approaches. More details in this message with recommended resources we offer.

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