Platinum Age Retreat
Oct. 24-27, 2018
Zion National Park, Utah USA

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I would love to have you join me for a retreat or sacred adventure!!

A time to celebrate our expansion so far, and now take it further! Knowing that as eternal and infinite energy, there is always more of us, our soulfulness, available.

Platinum Age Retreats are like a recharge for our Soul! Meeting people that feel like family. Expanding our hearts and activating our consciousness for further creations, deeper meaning and pure joy.

We’ve come farther in our light vibrations than we imagined was possible. Embodying Light here, is not always straightforward. Still, we persevered. We’ve given ourselves time to adjust to dramatic expansion, and be in these expanded ranges of who we are. And now, we are being invited into more. We’ve learned that this world can be exactly as it is, while we choose to be divine light in human form. We’ve remembered that this can be challenging; that obstacles will present. We’ve created ways to face what needs to be faced, bypass what can be bypassed and pursue our inner light and its expression, amidst it all. No wonder our teams are asking if we’d like to keep going, to keep expanding, to continue pioneering what love can be, even while we stare this reality in the eyes, with our love, our courage and our divine wisdom firmly in tact.

I’m ready for more. Are you?

Zion Lodge, our Retreat home base

Sveina (2017 participant) called the mountains

Sveina called the mountains “The Guardians”

Some of our tribe at The Overlook

The 2017 Platinum Age Retreat in Zion Utah was such an amazing experience and we had SO much fun that I am delighted to offer the experience again for Oct. 24 – 27, 2018. We come together, knowing we are divine light And human. We create time and space for celebrating this divine light in ourselves and in each other. We support, we expand, we play as a group of beings who hold our energy in very unique ways. Being together, at these expanded vibrations, feels so special, so sacred and is so activating! I’m delighted to invite you to come together in Zion National Park in beautiful Utah USA. * It feels like a Cosmic Family Reunion when we meet * We will have three days together. Some of you may wish to extend your stay, as there are many beautiful attractions in the area to be discovered and explored (Bryce canyon, the Grand Canyon). Zion is a very special region of Gaia that I would love for you to experience, for the first time, or again.  Some of our 2017 participants referred to Zion as Sedona on steroids.

Zion holds the frequency of love, solace and beauty in a very unique way. There is a stillness, a depth and a sense of wonder about it that is unlike any place I’ve felt before.

Hiking the Narrows (“Mary’s river”)

Beautiful views at The Overlook in Zion

This Retreat will provide you with twice daily messages from our teams as well as daily adventures in Zion, to:
inspire and deeply nurture our divine human experience,
inform, providing important galactic/cosmic updates for us to confidently and courageously pioneer even more expansion of light in human form and,
support us in creating the continued evolution of our divine human,
celebrate each other and this very sacred opportunity to be and play together.

We have a comfortable and expansive conference room in the hotel available for us as we desire and, of course, we will be outdoors in nature as well. Each day we will adventure in the beauty and majesty that is Zion with hikes, soaking up Gaia’s gifts of nature and sight seeing. I hope to see some special wild animal sightings as well – at a minimum, I’m sure the adorable chipmunks and serene deer will be saying hi as they are a common site at the park.

Our teams will be inviting us to reflect on our achievements as Light in human form – Celebrate – throughout the retreat. This will help us be even more courageous in being our Light, with pure intention, as the Pioneers we are in this reality.

I am led to take wonderful care of you, pampering you alongside our teams and Gaia, with wonderful food, inspiring and informative messages to feed our soulfulness, breathtaking beauty and convenience of getting around. We planned for this to be an epic celebration of our light in human form. And so it is.

Who is this retreat for?

This retreat experience is fantastic for those that enjoy my work and our unique approach to being light in human form, embracing our divinity, knowing it isn’t something we need to study, learn or earn back.

I create and offer these retreats as a celebration of our light in human form and to further support our evolution and progression as our divine humanness.

For those that have traveled with me before, we recognize the absolute gift and blessing it is to come together in our wholeness, as our amazing multidimensional selves. It can be challenging to feel this inherent divinity in our every day lives. These retreats help us be that, our divine human, not just during the retreat but every day.

This is a reunion of bringers of light, coming together in person, to laugh, Be our Multidimensional Selves, Expand, Upgrade and Receive.

We each Are a beautiful light and we want to celebrate this!

I will handle Registration personally. When you are Ready to secure Your Spot, or if you have questions, then please email me now at

Let’s get to the Details –


$1,200 USD retreat only, excludes lodging
$1,600 USD Double room option, 3 nights at Zion Lodge, limited supply
$2,000 USD Single room option, 3 nights at Zion Lodge, limited supply

Savings bonus: Save $25 by paying with check

Each option Includes:

  • Lunch with beverages on Oct. 25-26
  • Dinner with beverages incl. optional glass of wine on Oct. 24-26
  • Hiking boots, neoprene socks and walking stick for hike in The Narrows (a shallow river)
  • Transportation to/from Zion from Las Vegas airport for first 8 who register and can meet us by 2pm on Oct. 24.
  • Our amazing time together during messages And when exploring the park!


  • Breakfasts and any other meals/food/beverage not mentioned above (please note breakfast at your chosen hotel may be included, it isn’t at Zion Lodge)
  • Air transportation to/from Las Vegas

Flights/Transportation: Closest major airport is Las Vegas, NV (McCarran International Airport)

Ideal flight arrivals are by or before 1:15pm Oct. 24.

Ideal flight departures are at 3pm or later on Oct. 27.

Please note: Southwest Airlines has a major hub in Las Vegas (but Southwest doesn’t show up in some online fare finders).

Getting to/from Zion from Las Vegas: We will share 1 large van to get to Zion Lodge (a 3 hour drive, with some pretty fantastic energies along the way, especially with this group!) Van seats are first come, first serve, limited to first 8 registrants and at no additional cost. * We will leave the airport at 2pm. I will communicate our meeting point directly with these ride buddies.

Other options for getting to Zion are renting a car, an Uber, or using a shuttle (here is one I found that looks great at, one way or round trip, reservations required, seating is limited). I will host Zoom conference calls with the retreat participants as the Retreat dates approach, allowing you to meet the others and coordinate travel together where needed.

Retreat Logistics: Retreat Officially Starts with dinner together on Oct. 24 at Red Rock Grill in Zion Lodge at 7:30pm.

Retreat Officially Ends after our closing message at Zion Lodge, leaving Zion at 10am on Oct. 27, planning to arrive at Las Vegas airport by 1:30pm.

Knowing that some will prefer to arrange their own lodging, I’ve priced the retreat with lodging and also excluding lodging, allowing you options. There are great hotels in nearby Springdale, Utah near the entrance to the park, where shuttle service is available for you to get to us at Zion Lodge conveniently. For those staying at your own lodging, you are responsible for arranging your way to and from the Lodge for our gatherings during the retreat (please ask hotels about their proximity to shuttle or have your own rental car).

Trip Terms & Conditions

* Deposit is due upon registration (30% of program price, minimum $350). The balance is due on or before July 20, 2018.

* Any cancellations made on or before Aug. 23, 2018 will receive full refund minus a $100 (per person) administrative fee. From Aug. 24 to Sept. 23, 2018 will forfeit 30% of program price. Sept. 24 to Oct. 27, 2018 will forfeit 100% of program price.

I look forward to Creating an absolutely divine experience with you in Zion!

With love, gratitude and blessings,

This Retreat is now fully booked. Please check out other travel opportunities with me at

Registration for this Retreat is now open! Spots are limited to just 11 ~ you are encouraged to act swiftly to secure Your spot.  First 8 registrants will have spot with us in the van, at no additional cost. If you have had a personal session with me, traveled with me before and/or participated in our classes email me to initiate payment/registration  Still not sure? Check this out.