Updated View of Resurrection

Happy Easter! Eternal life, eternal love. For You. For Me. For All. That is the Gift!

Above is an Easter message we shared many years ago, in the powerful year of 2012. I am led to share it again, today, on this Easter.

I’m excited for what we will allow this message, and its energies, to mean for us today!  Our energy range has expanded so dramatically… miracles are possible, more and more.

However you may be celebrating your Easter, I hope you know that you Are loved, no matter what you have (or haven’t) accomplished in your life, no matter how great of a manifester you are (or aren’t), no matter… what. Aside from everything you aren’t and everything that you are, You Are Loved. This is the God we are here to know, to embody, to receive. As a source energy field that we are intrinsically a part of. In this reality we can withhold it from our consciousness, from receiving it as our identity.

Truly Unconditional Love. As a receiver of it. As a carrier of it. For a reality that needs it and deserves it. And is important enough that it brought us here, to incarnate. As a Bringer of God’s love, light, and grace.

And, in our estimation, we do this quite well. Now, when we can truly receive this unconditional love for ourselves, then our light quotient really takes off… This is the next big expansion many are unconsciously searching for, seeking.

The brain will tell us that we aren’t ready, that we aren’t “there yet”. But, my dear siblings of light, the brain doesn’t know God’s grace, and it can’t – wrong wiring. So, please, don’t ask it to. Ok? Don’t ask your brain to do the job that it takes your soul to accomplish… Our Soul knows grace because our Soul is Grace.

I notice that this beautiful group handily offers grace and forgiveness to others. And yet, we seem to have a very hard time handing it from our inner Source layers up to ourselves, our human layers. A gift from within, from the eternal, to our self, our mortal layers.

And it matters. Because for your humanness to truly feel and know your inherent value, your eternal light, it is imperative to receive God’s grace.

Now, the brain and possibly the ego (our story teller) tells us, “But, Jill doesn’t know, we haven’t earned it yet. We’ve still got some work to do, some things we haven’t worked through yet.” Isn’t it fascinating, the endless and even sophisticated games that our minds will play with us?  As if it doesn’t even know the definition of Grace…

Grace: the free and unmerited favor of God, as manifested in life’s eternal sovereignty, and inherent bestowal of blessings.

Grace. Bringers of Light are not well equipped without receiving, in abundance and without limitation, God’s grace. For self.

Because, this group, we don’t fill up our cup and withhold love from others. We let our cups runneth over. We want all to know God’s love, God’s grace, God’s blessings.

I’m simply asking you to include yourself in this receiving. Ok?  Then, let’s witness our own light expand beyond what has ever been held in any human form before. And do you know who will be cheering you on, louder than anyone, with joy-filled tears in his eyes? Jesus. Yeshua, standing there, watching you glow from the inside out, right there within you and right alongside what isn’t perfect and what isn’t exactly right, saying “I KNEW You could do it!!! Yes! This IS Available!!! I told you it was True. I told you that God’s love IS real. And I also knew it meant very little until you felt it for yourself. And you ARE Light! And, now, you “know” it. Praise Love. Amen.”

And so it is. And a new chapter now starts. Right here. In you, and Your divine light. I can’t wait to cheer you on, always.

Sending love, gratitude and Easter blessings,

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