Transcending the Reincarnation Programs with Grace and Truth

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Ever wondered what, exactly happens after death, in the after life corridors? Have you found the ever growing stories of Near Death Experiences oddly similar? Why would the Egyptians, with all the sacred wisdom they accessed, have been so focused on the after life journey if it were as easy and straightforward as shared near death experiences would indicate? What if we never had to incarnate, and didn’t even have to this time? Maybe there is far more to the after life stages and reincarnating, that is much more complex and much less well known that humans not only want to know, but can know, and need to know — to stop the prevalence of unnecessary, coerced reincarnation. When my accessing the wisdom, truth, alchemy and love from Source began in 2009, it wasn’t long before I started “seeing” the vast complexity of not only this reality, but also the in between realities that station consciousness between the living and the All that Is. I didn’t particularly like what I was being shown. I wanted to believe that when we die we’d be met by loved ones, we’d be bathed in white light and easily transition out of this physical reality and into the frequencies of our Soul and Source/God. But, consistently I was shown a completely different scene, one that was very confusing to those that had died. I now realize that part of my reason for incarnating and for utilizing my unique spiritual gifts is to help inform humanity about what really happens when we die. Because the consciousness we embody in this reality is the same consciousness that we operate from in these afterlife layers. What we know (the wisdom we hold as truth within our fields), here, matters. It matters here and it matters in the stages after death. The Egyptians dedicated much time and energy on informing and reinforcing their truths about death, dying and the afterlife. The did this because of the important and even critical role the human’s living consciousness has on the after life experience, and outcome. During my previous Egypt trip and the upcoming one we will observe the so called “experts” claim that the Egyptians were fascinated with death. I can see how they would draw this conclusion. But, the Egyptians that built and utilized the great pyramids and the many temples (which are so beautiful and highly encoded structures) were not fascinated with death. They were dedicated to transcending from the incarnation program and to living their light. I will offer, right here for you, that incarnating by choice, from the Eternal Self level of Consciousness is one thing. It’s an entirely different process to incarnate through manipulated and intentionally misleading information, especially presented in the haze and confusion of just dropping the bodysuit! My Eternal Self… Your Eternal Self, Our Eternal Selves along with Goddess Isis and others want us to have this information, these truths, along with the grace of Source God so that we can fully transcend the reincarnation program that has gone on for far too long. We can’t shut it down, unfortunately. But we can increase the chances of more and more beings saying no to unnecessary reincarnation. In this series you will receive the latest revelations received from our Eternal Selves on the missing truths, now available for:

  1. Feeling confident in the Eternal Light that you Are (not the light you are trying to be, or working on being),
  2. Knowing the truth about what our consciousness experiences after we drop the body,
  3. Being prepared for the actual complexity of not just the afterlife, but also LIFE, without needing to sugar coat anything.
  4. Clarifying and Liberating your light, your sovereignty, your God energy in a way that makes all other ascension protocols feel unnecessarily arduous and highly incomplete relative to how this reality and how reincarnation programs actually work.
  5. Being your Light, here, now, with all the amazingness you brought with you, to be in your you, in your life.
  6. Smoothly transitioning in the after life as all life deserves to do, transcending time and space and unifying directly into the Source energy that all life also is.

It is a deep honor to be partnering with you with this important work. Since these teachings came through, I’ve heard from a growing number of fellow Bringers of Light that they were able to pass on critical information to loved ones before their passing. Also, those who have experienced this information have a savvy-ness about themselves, their Light, eternally, that increases their light, their love, their alchemy, their truth codes and wisdom in this reality. It’s sort of light a leader of light, with master-level training to be light and assist light, and bypass lack of light nonsense like the sovereign, eternal, infinite beings we are. Doing all from within our humanness… how absolutely bad ass is that? YES!!! The course is presented through easy to listen to receive and consider audio recordings, 11 in total, providing a timeless 9.5 hours of heart expanding, mind blowing, soul connecting materials. All of the materials are provided to you on a well organized, simple to access, course page, with lifetime access to the recordings, or also available for download. When we reconnect with truth, it feels like being home, in ourselves, alongside our Eternal Self frequencies and light codes. This is a restoration. A reunion. And it will re-set and upgrade your sense of self in countless and even unpredictable ways. I am so excited for you to experience these materials for yourself. Are you ready? Are you ready to know the truth and to step further into the grace that God offers us? I hope so! Because it is just so sad to witness such beautiful beings on Earth trying so hard to be their light, when it is actually what they are. Also, and this is a tougher one, are you ready to bypass some of your presently held beliefs about light, the after life, ascension and soul evolution? Some are not ready to move forward from these flawed concepts, and I honor this. Your sovereignty allows you to believe what you want to believe. But that doesn’t mean that what we believe is true. Everyone here is doing the best they can with what they know, including spiritual teachers and channelers. In our work together we go into the truths that are true whether you believe them or not ~ sacred truths. Timeless truths. Authentic wisdom. Sacred truths set you and your light free. False truths feel like expansion but they actually anchor the individual to regimented protocols, making your spirituality feel like a job, a seemingly endless quest, of trying, very hard and with intense dedication to connect to the light. But Light isn’t what you connect to… Light is what you Are. Feel the difference? That’s an example of the freedom of a sacred truth. Related to the afterlife, I’ve had clients tell me that their plan in the afterlife was to cross a golden bridge and ask for Jesus. They were taught this by reputable, loving, connected teachers, that they probably love and admire very much. But, to get practical, where will you find this golden bridge? If it is anything outside of you, that’s going to be a problem… Space and matter doesn’t act like it does here among the living… it can be easily manipulated, filled with shape shifting. And asking for Jesus or a loved or or anyone other than you sounds simple and great but what if a being shows up and says they are Jesus? Who would do that, you may ask? Oh soooo many forces would do that. Just like lovely people here on Earth presenting themselves as one thing but in actuality they are something else. I know we want to believe that after we die this sort of nonsense is over. But it isn’t. And pretending it isn’t what it is, is not a wise approach in my view. Just like pretending everyone on Earth has good and positive intentions is not a wise approach. See my point? So much misinformation, on topics like this, that affect everyOne, literally. And I don’t like misinformation! We deserve truth, clarity, especially on such important matters. You are probably right next to me on that point, which is wonderful. Whether you go further into the special offer details or not, I want you to know this, ok? Any after life protocol that requires you to “be somewhere”, “go somewhere” or get help from another (vs. going to Source God by going within) has huge, huge problems to it. You and your energy field, its inherent sacred structure are all that is needed. Just sit with that for a moment, because it applies to living your light, here and now, as well. Your light is what you are and it is within you, not outside of you. It never was outside of you. You never left your light when you incarnated. It’s actually impossible to leave your light or to be outside of it. Again, light is what you are; what all life is, eternally. Eternity includes here, yes? Let’s get you what you need and deserve; the truth and the grace, to be the light you Are. Agree? Then let’s do this. The course materials for Transcending the Reincarnation Programs with Grace and Truth are all ready for you on the course page immediately upon purchase.

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I cannot wait for you to get started!!! Started on being your light, claiming your sovereignty in ways you likely didn’t even know were possible. Freedom to Be your Light! ~ Here and Eternally ~ Of course! This is how it can be, and is for more and more of us on Earth. Thank God! With love, gratitude and blessings, Jill Some Reviews to Assist in Your Decision:

“Hi Jill,  Transcending the Reincarnation Programs with Grace and Truth was truly the most transformative materials I’ve experienced to date.  I’m beyond GRATEFUL to have shared this with you and my many new friends. My HEART SINGS – My BODY is LIGHT – I FEEL FREE!!! THANK YOU!!!  Love, B.”

“I very much valued my time with Jill [private session]. Her connection is amazing and intentions are pure. I was offered new awareness and received many confirmations. This session provided huge upgrades with advice that will serve me for a lifetime. I am grateful and look forward to scheduling sessions more regularly. -A.”

“Hi Jill! Not sure if you remember me, I had a reading from you August 2017.  I have purchased the package after listening to you on BTO. I just want to commend you on the information you are bringing forth and I know this is such truth. I have invested a lot of time, money and energy into my spiritual seeking over the last 10 years in the pursuit of eliminating mental and emotional suffering and aligning to my joyful purpose and was getting frustrated that although my mind and heart was expanding, I still wasn’t seeing the results. I more recently led myself back to me. Some of the same things I was questioning were then validated by the information and I am so jazzed about just being my eternal self and creating from there. Through the BTO package I am scheduled to have a session with you again. Regards, Amy”

“This has been my first private session with Jill Renee and it will not be my last. It was wonderful! I felt truly seen and validated like never before. Her messages opened me up to my true self in words that have never been expressed to me before. And also opened my up to amazing possibilities. Thank you, Jill! -Patricia”

“Jill, I am not ready with my growing questions for the After Life series, but I have to share that my love for this series keeps growing with each recording. I believe this is by far my most favorite series EVER, and the others were already amazing!!

I am loving this series so so much, like no other before – and I have loved many of yours – that I just had to stop and let you know and Thank you for sharing these beautiful truths from love – they are making my world a better place. This sharing of beauty and love and receiving of beauty and love, well THIS is the real New Earth if you ask me… Xoxoxo M.”

“Jill greeted me with a warm appreciative response for our private session when she felt into me via my team. She stoked my inner fire, shook things loose, offered seeds of potential direction and shared openly here own journey as an example. The messages she transmitted from my team rang true and punctuated the knowing I was coming to. It was a nice mixture of reassurance, insight, fun and laughter. I’m so thankful that I had this session with Jill because it is now a touchstone that I find myself returning to again and again to remind myself who I am and to shore up my confidence. -Rose”

“This material in Transcending the Reincarnation Programs with Grace and Truth feels like the best book I’ve ever read, ever! Thank you so much for doing this course. This changes everything! -J.”