JRF Podcast #222 Integration, Clearing and Releasing that Works

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Hello there and Happy Pre-Sept Equinox!For me the season is feeling noticeably balanced (which doesn’t mean all positive), with space for choices, openness to new perspectives and the option for claiming additional space for being light, on Earth, just as Earth is presently. I hope you are feeling this, too. Pragmatic, Logical, Creator Energy that can see what is, while readily pursuing new levels of light based on what is possible, within self. Below are some Themes/Notes from this week’s podcast as well as some helpful links to related resources and today’s Sept Equinox Message (I hope you can join us!!):
  1. It is common as seekers to pursue spiritual communities as a sort of replacement family. Many have layers of self that feel orphaned and/or abandoned. These beautiful individuals often didn’t feel a desired sense of home/place within their human families and yet are still looking for a sense of home on this Earth, outside of themselves.  We offer a connection experience and sort of homecoming for your orphaned/abandoned layers of self. Powerful alchemy in this experience offered.
  2. Blood families relationships can often include friction. This doesn’t have to be something to solve, clear, heal, integrate. What if you simply accepted that there are some people in this world, including family, that you just don’t get along with and wouldn’t be friends with if you weren’t family? Why can’t that also be real? For us it is far more real and truthful than this ridiculous game of pretending that our most difficult relationships are in our lives because we need to resolve them and grow to love and be harmonious with each other, tied to supposed and completely unprovable “past life”, and/or karmic ties. Just consider, for a moment, that all of that is wrong, and isn’t leading you anywhere but to more pain and suffering and feeling like you are doing it wrong if that relationship still sucks.
  3. Many are attempting to heal, clear, integrate and/or release their less likable, wounded layers of self before they can get to their best creation and expression of self. Their sense is that their light, their best (“highest”) self is not possible until such “lesser” layers are resolved and ideally eliminated. But… it doesn’t work this way, in our view and in our experience. Many try. Many teachers and healers have made the accumulation of millions, possibly hundreds of millions of dollars, as an industry helping their clients/students to do such healing/clearing. Is anyone getting to the being their light part, truly? There is another way, which may feel uncomfortable and highly contradictory to many: be your light, allow yourself to act as your light in the here and now, in whatever ways are most natural and easiest to you – starting there. The truth is that your light, your infinite self is not bothered by your “lesser” layers… they aren’t in the way, of anything. The parts of you that you don’t like, that you may have attributed to kharma and past live fantasy aren’t a problem and are not and could never be in the way of the eternal light that you Are. It isn’t in the way. You aren’t in the way. Of your Light. The best way to prove this to yourself is to try out any way that feels most natural for you to be your light, and offer your light, experimenting with your “best” self. After all, your best self is something you create anyway. It was never going to be handed to you after you got through all that supposed clearing and integrating. Ok? The truth can hurt. I’m sorry if this hurts. Honesty is worth a bit of pain and confusion. Honesty is what we give ourselves when we are ready to show ourselves the love, respect and honor light deserves.
  4. Conspiracy element: This reality is built for forgetting we are God. The many misunderstandings and lies in place to keep us from our light is not personal – yet we make it personal when we fall into the landmines and pit falls such as calling challenges “karma.” The spiritual teachings of today have made stories for us to chase our light. I’m here to help remind you of the light that you Are. Because the light isn’t what we connect to; it is what we Are. Ok?
  5. We share a bit about physical health, my growing success with a form of “Keto” that includes healthy vegetables, no sugar/starches and limited carbohydrates. The related video you may appreciate if you are having difficulty with restoring health and/or losing weight is at https://youtu.be/OkC7Ul3ZFMA My health program is available at https://jillreneefeeler.com/minding-the-matter/ and Connie Rutledge a nutritionist I’m working with is at https://www.connierutledge.com/
  6. Sept Equinox Event will be offered live today Sunday Sept 22 at 3pm Pacific/6pm Eastern/11pm London time here.
  7. The Ask Me Anything #4 is at https://jillreneefeeler.com/askmeanything4/
  8. Membership is available at monthly rate at https://jillreneefeeler.memberful.com/checkout?plan=35454 and at discounted annual rate at https://jillreneefeeler.memberful.com/checkout?plan=41673
  9. The Zion Retreat for 2019 is at https://jillreneefeeler.com/zion2019/
  10. The Egypt trip is at https://jillreneefeeler.com/egypt2020/
  11. The Israel trip, now just an announcement of intention; details will be at https://jillreneefeeler.com/israel2021/

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