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An amazing monthly members event, led by member’s questions which range from top existential questions, to our take on specific events in their life, that effect so many of us! You ask great questions (particularly our members!). Oh the Expansion we created!

Event is now available in recording, immediately upon becoming a member.

Some of the questions addressed in #4 (the answers may completely surprise you, possibly contradicting your presently held truths, all for the purpose of more light on Earth):

  • From Stephen: Hi Jill, this may be off topic, but I’m getting a weird feeling that the accusations of who burned the Saudi oil fields is a cover up or lie. Can you speak to that?  I realize this question is a can of worms you may not want to answer in a public forum so understand if you do not address it.
    I love you and thank you for everything you do.
  • From SBC:Hi Jill:  QUESTION FOR TODAY: Several years ago I met a gifted healer who made a huge difference in my life. We became best best friends and talked every day for several years. Somewhere along the line, I became aware of feeling a sense of obligation in me to continue with her as a paid client, and the sense that she wanted direct credit for everything good in my life. I paused my regular sessions with her to see if I felt any different without her, and it became clear the friendship had to end too. It felt awful, still does sometimes, like I imagine a divorce would feel. If we had not become friends, I know I would have received the benefit from her very real gifts, stopped my sessions with her thousands of dollars sooner, and moved on, deeply grateful. In an earlier different scenario, when my mom was dying, I remember my incredible grief therapist making it clear that even though she and I could have easily become friends, it could never happen because of professional boundaries. I understood and respected that, and even though we stayed in touch, we never crossed the line to becoming personal friends. I am now working with a new in-person energy healer, again that I could easily become friends with, and I am careful to keep my boundaries. It feels good, like I am in charge of me. So here is my question: When it comes to deep personal work and healing, can be people be both clients and friends, or does friendship inherently make it weird and awkward at some point? What are some guidelines, when should alarm bells ring?  Thanks!
  • From Lisa: Hello, Jill, I’m unable to be on your live call today, but I will catch up via archive. My question is about “Divine interventions”— occurrences that seem beyond our 3-D experience, such as a near-miss car accident that seems to defy the laws of physics, or emerging from a “totaled” vehicle unscathed. Similarly, when awesome events occur that are beyond our anticipation. How do we explain such “impossible” occurrences?  Thank you for considering my questions. Love and blessings, Lisa Milburn-Westfall
  • Hullo lovely Jill ~ Are the parallel lives we are having elsewhere in space~ connected, influence ,or have awareness of anything at all to do with the energy we have access to at this density level- whatever dimensional range frequented? Does whatever we do here influence or upgrade any parallel lives we are having elsewhere?
    And an aside: Having dropped so many old spiritual truths as my awareness monumentally increases (albeit eventually) through understanding sometimes what you are not saying just as much as what you are saying ….it can be isolating as it permeates into my subcutaneous levels ….,it makes me experience me differently – I say less. I do more… but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Brilliant blessings Jill and much thanks.
  • Hello, Jill!! My questions are: 1) How do Spirit Guides determine who to work with? And 2) When I wake up in the morning (or in between sleep and awake) sometimes I see black shapes floating along a wall or the ceiling. The other morning I saw 2 geometrical shapes floating in the air…..they were in color, blue and green, I think. Are these entities? Thank you so much!! One of these days my schedule will allow me to attend live.
  • From Smiles: Earth has had many incarnations. Has there ever been any previous incarnations where Earth has had this many humans occupying it before?
  • From Smiles: Howdy!! Why do we dream? Dreams can be filled with such high strangeness and fantasy. Is our mind processing something?
  • From Donna: My question is: What does Activation mean?
    Once it occurs do you stay activated or does it subside in time.
  • From Nicole: Energetically this first half of this year has felt very heavy. As of lately I have felt a certain softness, releasing of the reins if you will. I’m not sure if everyone has felt this but I certainly have and in a big way in all aspects of my life. What insights do you have about this? BTW I feel the energy building as it gets closer to our Zion trip.  Thanks Jill, love you sister can’t wait to see you in Zion!!
  • From A.H.: “Ask and you shall receive.” During my prayer & meditation time, I’ve been asking for what my heart desires, for years, yet I am not receiving what I am specifically asking for. It seems like the more I ask, the evidence that I am not receiving becomes more apparent. This phrase really isn’t meant to assist us in receiving, is it?

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