Minding the Matter

After years of focusing my passions and energy on the upper chakras and deeper spiritual connection, I realized my human body was needing my attention as well.  At some point my body got off track from the level of wellness and thriving that I desire.  As I witnessed various areas of dis-ease, I searched for answers. 2015 included an empowering discovery of health for me. I’d done oodles of research, exploration and experiments as I sought to feel more energetic, higher clarity and good/great in my body again. It was overwhelming and confusing with all the advice and much of it conflicting. Plus, everyone was telling me to get to the gym; but what they didn’t realize is I was feeling lucky some days just to get out of bed… I realized later that I had adrenal fatigue, a leaky gut (intestinal permeability), early menopause in addition to a dependence on artificial thyroid hormone due to Grave’s disease in my 20s. My body felt like it was falling apart. I was scared… still my connection to my team and my work was strong and I was managing my way through my daily tasks. But I didn’t feel well. And I didn’t feel like myself. I refused to accept that this was mid-life and everything was going to get worse and I just needed to suck it up. No. Hell No! I tried various things that didn’t work and I have the useless elements to prove it (from blue blocking glasses I wore in the evenings to expensive supplements and various books). Finally, in mid-October 2015 I said to my team (which I call my divine connection to God), “This is crazy, all these options and none of it is working. Just tell me the top three things that will get the most results and I will do it.”  It was like the real answers then revealed themselves. And it worked. I began feeling better within 3 days and relatively amazing within the first week. And it just kept getting better. I can’t not share this with you… I feel “back” and even better than ever on the physical and even the etheric levels. Our bodies are containers for our soul… We deserve to know the truth about how to take care of these bodies. And answering “I’m hungry” with the shit we call food, may make you feel full for that moment but it’s creating a full blown shit storm for some of us. Why some people can eat that way and be fine, I don’t know and it probably doesn’t matter. For some of us, we need new answers and that is why we offer this program. We deserve good health. Now. At any age – at every age. I learned that even an expanded consciousness can’t override the deficiencies of pizza and fast food, despite my efforts.

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We cannot meditate our way into good health… (I know – I tried!)

It’s time to get real and to mind the matter. I learned about hormones and the sacred space of the gut and digestion. I realized that mainstream and even supposedly advanced concepts and truths of health and nutrition are b.s. and I’m not exaggerating. Calories in does not equal calories out, just ask an overweight person who truly is eating very, very little (their bodies have become downright masterful at storing fat – maddening! – but their health professionals and maybe even personal trainer think they are lying about how little they are eating…). Adding another new prescription to a growing list of symptoms, actually makes things worse… For anyone overweight, did you know it all may have started with a round of antibiotics, that nuked your healthy gut microbiome… just consider all the antibiotics we’ve been on, even as infants (ear infections). And yet some have been told that’s just how they are – b.s. b.s. b.s. Luckily huge upgrades come from this level of honesty and getting things set right again, starting with your gut. I know what it’s like to have an MD say “you are fine” … when I felt like crap. I know what it’s like to feel like your body isn’t following your instructions, like a runaway train. I was at the helm to figure out my own journey of healing and feeling good in my body again. Drs couldn’t fix it, because meds weren’t the answer.  Exercise couldn’t fix it, because my body wasn’t processing the food I was eating into energy I could use. Food is medicine and I was trying to avoid that reality, eating what “felt good”, for a long, long time. I’m inviting you to a truly multidimensional body restoration experience with me where we will motivate, inspire and inform You to be good to You, treating your body and your life as the blessing it is. Minding the Matter: A full body re-boot for

  • restored energy levels,
  • decreasing overall pain causing and puff making inflammation in the body,
  • healthy digestion (end constipation and IBS symptoms),
  • healthy gut microbiome that is recharged to actually process and metabolize the food you eat
  • healthy skin, glow from within (without the need for expensive products)
  • peak mental sharpness (no more brain fog!)
  • and yes, weight loss as an added bonus
  • be your best self at every age, for you and for your loved ones

We share soulful insights, practical strategies, winning tools, and motivating resources to help you transform into the light ambassador you are. This is a 4 week experience, establishing a new foundation to set you up for a glorious new year, and help your body settle into the harmonious state it was always meant to be in. My breakthroughs of how to look at my system seemed to begin with this podcast with Dr. Gerard Mullin.  He touched lightly on the fact that our gut and the human body is more like an X files episode than most people realize. And my team took it from there…

This is a year I am shown that is primed for breakthroughs on all levels. Being in our top form will help us be even more impactful in our roles as this Platinum Age Ground Crew or just someone who wants to be an even better version of themselves, for you and for your loved ones. This program delivers. Your matter matters. So we are minding the Matter in this series, with joy, fun, wisdom, no bullshit, good conversation and platinum age camaraderie. The series remains open and ready when you are – Are You Ready? Register today and let’s get started! Looking forward to sharing this journey with you, creating new timelines for wellness, at all levels of Self, Jill Let the physical restoration begin, with divine guidance and practical clarity!!

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Sound like too much? Remember the 30 day money back promise  – if you aren’t happy I really don’t want your money. I’m not kidding. Plus, please just ponder for a moment all the money you may be spending or have spent on products or services to a) look healthy on the outside (because you don’t feel healthy on the inside), b) weight loss products, c) supplements that were supposed to make you feel better, d) a gym membership that you don’t use, e) a personal trainer that never even talked about your gut health. MtM is a set of truths to set you free to create your own good health and to stay healthy that can last your lifetime. It isn’t an exercise program and does not require any changes to your exercise routine or lack thereof. I got my act together completely without any exercise – you can’t exercise your way into good health, especially if you have the other core problems I had which exercise can actually make worse. Sorry personal trainers, but that’s a fact. It is a set of honest truths, tips, strategies including a very long and very carefully selected food list and supplements that work together to help you Recreate Your Health and get energy levels, a sharper mind and a slimmer body with less or even none of the aches and pains you may be feeling. If you just want weight loss, it works for that, too, and without any of those bs detoxes where you end up toxing right back up again after the regimen is over.   We are adults, let’s be mature enough to see the truth, which I have yet to hear anyone address like my team does – we are far more unhuman in our biology than human… Our gut contains non-human microbiotic species that comprise a HUGE part of who and what we are… Don’t like your mood, your cravings, your body composition, your mental fog, then look straight and directly at your gut and what is going on there. We do this, right at the outset. Feeding the good gut microbiome (think Gizmo of the Gremlins movie) and we starve out the Gremlins, those naughty little suckers that drive unhealthy food cravings, moodiness, unbalanced hormones, which then causes various states of inflammation, dis-ease and disease. It’s not that hard but for various reasons mainstream “experts” do not and probably will not address this core facet of human health. So, we will. Because you deserve to know the truth. I am a better person for knowing these truths myself (possibly a bit pissed off that not everyone knows about it but I can only control myself). MtM is something your loved ones can also benefit from, but for now we are focusing on you. Because you getting your own health and energy levels back makes you even more supportive and amazing, which directly benefits your loved ones.

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“I have been on a rollercoaster of poor gut health, with a mix of eating disorders since a young age. I had another flare up of these pre-teen and teen conditions in my 20s. Then in my early 30s I had twins, and I kind of “went the other way”, rejecting starving myself (having worked in NICU with preemies) and fed myself and my babies…perhaps a little too much! Then I had my daughter in my mid 30s. After realizing I had been a long time sufferer of IBS (which was my “normal”), and worked with a functional MD, I began years of various cleanses. I got down to a really good, healthy size and felt good. Then I was trying to lose more weight, and got caught in a cycle, putting trust into nutritionists who gave good advice, but not with the clarity of the microbiome. As a result, I added in more grains, beans, and ate less–but had a substantial weight gain–nearly 30 pounds in 1 year, despite regular exercise and fewer caloric intake. So, this cleanse came at the right time. It seems to make sooo much sense to my science oriented brain. I have increased energy, enjoy the foods, and really enjoy the feeling. I have lost around 10 pounds. The first several came off rather quickly, but beyond the weight, my waist is so much slimmer. I don’t have the cravings that I once had. I have so much more energy. I wish that I would have taken measurements, because the inches are speaking more than the pounds! My skin is also clearer. My husband miraculously wanted to join me, and is reaping the benefits as well–he has NEVER joined me in these dietary ventures, and he has stopped taking the ant-acid meds that the has been on for YEARS. He has been off of them for 2 weeks, and can now clearly and easily identify triggers. Even if you feel discouraged, hang in there for the first month and see how things are going then. Good luck!- Kate ” www.mindingthematter.net “Wow, where to begin. I didn’t have a lot of weight to lose but I definitely had inflammation. I was getting puffy around the middle and couldn’t figure out why. I was eating less than I used to etc. My energy was pretty good but not what it used to be. I absolutely did not want to accept that this is just what happens as we age! I signed up for this program because I knew something wasn’t quite right and I trusted Jill would have a helpful perspective. Thank you, Jill and all the other participants for sharing so openly about your process. Honestly, when I started to read the book a few days before the program start date, I thought, crap, this looks like a lot of work. But as I read further so much made sense to me. If I had only read the book and not had the supplemental materials (meditations, calls, videos, links to podcasts, face book buddies etc) I don’t think i would have been as successful as I’ve been so far. Sharing this program with others under Jill’s guidance was the combination that helped me enjoy the ride. I learned some eye opening, game changing information. I didn’t know I had it in me to be so ”'”disciplined” in my eating. Really, once I got going it hasn’t felt like “discipline” was needed. After the initial “die off” uncomfortable few days I felt so great and I felt so empowered by preparing my own food it seemed easy. It feels wonderful making food choices from the deeper knowing part of me. I haven’t felt deprived but I am glad to be in Phase II now with the wider variety of food choices!!!! E.B.” www.mindingthematter.net “I’m so grateful for Minding the Matter!! I dove in with 100% commitment. That was very important for me. My Inflammation is gone. (I didn’t realize how swollen I was until it left). My tummy feels fantastic. I feel stronger than I have in a very long time. My skin looks fantastic. I’ve lost 21 lbs. I have absolutely no cravings (I didn’t know that was possible). I’m loving healthy food!! Most dramatically, I feel more connected to my physical body than I ever have in my life! The meditations are so powerful. I’m so grateful for all the material shared. Advise I would offer to someone just starting… go all in. You’re worth the effort! – Pepper “I too am very grateful for the community that was born here [in this Minding the Matter FB group] as a result of Jill’s openness to sharing her successes and saving us the time! Big hugs and lots of love to you for inspiring us all! I feel great! I have a great many pounds to lose and I’m not kidding myself here…it will take commitment! And I AM committed to myself 100%! I have known how to care for others for years…and it’s now a beautiful deliberate focus on myself! Loving me into a greater healthier version! I sleep so well, my skin looks and feels great, the inflammation levels have changed making exercise and movement enjoyable and less arduous! No more Tums and pizza! 4 wks in I haven’t cheated once…because it would only be cheating me, and I’m so worth it! It’s been a fun exploration in so many ways…many interesting surprises…it’s never “just” about food! Love you Jill, Thank you for your support! KT” “I thought my gut and skin problems were because of the stress and the new environment of moving from two diametrically opposed countries. I also developed an allergy to dust so I felt a sense of doom. It’s been a couple of uncomfortable years and I was starting to do some research on my own, so this course www.mindingthematter.net fell into my lap. I am very grateful for Jill and the sharings of everyone in this group. Now the itching redness on my eyelids are gone and the ones on the torso are healing. My cravings for jalapeño potato chips (lol) are gone, and constipation is gone. On a physical level I feel more energetic and stronger, and I can even say it’s on an emotional level, too. In deep appreciation and gratitude. Eri Tamagawa” “Thank you Jill for this course and for creating this supportive community. Things I am loving about this process (there are more than 3): A new vitality. I feel great and have so much more energy. A visible decrease in inflammation. A new appreciation for the healing power of turmeric, cinnamon, and ginger. Weight loss. Clearer skin. Body is functioning so much better! Less stiffness when I first get up in the morning. A new way of looking at food. Love Jill’s meditations, and last but not least, the wonderful support of this group. – JP USA on the Minding the Matter series ” www.mindingthematter.net “Ditto on everything JP said about this Minding the Matter series  www.mindingthematter.net.  Committing 100% and trusting in the process was/is key for me. Tossing out all of my preconceived ideas about food (vegan, food combining, supplements). It took me a couple weeks to clear my brain and just TRUST.  I am on my 5th week in phase 1 and I think I will go one more week! My skin is amazing! No more tummy aches! inflammation is better (expecting further improvement after cutting out the cheeses). Thank you so much Jill! PS, just listened to the Beyond the Ordinary Replay….WOW! M. Kennedy”