Israel 202_?

With the global pandemic this trip’s details are not certain but here is the original intention.

An adventure to the holy land with world renowned channel Jill Renee Feeler.

Our trips are carefully planned, and divinely inspired for a once in a lifetime experience while feeling completely taken care of, allowing you to relax, enjoy and feel your sense of inner connection to Source, God.

I’m also desiring to offer an optional Petra Jordan.

So excited to have another adventure of light alongside you!

I tend to offer trips that I myself would like to take (4-5* accommodations, wonderfully taken care of, safe but adventurous, delicious local cuisine, and the chances to have new experiences and create expanded levels of self).

Pricing is to be determined but tend to be roughly $550/night double room/person, including full room and board, excluding airfare.

I’m blessed to have travelers that join me regularly on trips, asking “where are we going next, Jill” with a warm smile and a readiness for the next sacred adventure.

Are you interested in joining us for a sacred travel experience? 

You can get started by sending me an email, letting me know which trip you are interested in and I will contact you directly to answer any questions, get you registered, etc.

With love, gratitude and blessings,


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