Exploring the “Higher Self” JRF Podcast #220

Sharing our deeper insights into what is often called “The Higher Self”.  Offering new levels of personal connection to Source energy for each of us in this message. We love to take things to the next level, knowing it’s possible, knowing we can, and knowing that it is why many of us feel that we are here. Next level Light, from the inside out, here on Earth, now. Video is here (just a still image with the audio – busy week!):

Audio recording is HERE References in this podcast:

  1. Sam Harris’ take on Free Will: I mistakenly thought it was Michael Shermer in the particular podcast referenced but in fact it was Sean Carroll and is available as the Making Sense Podcast #124 here and here via youtube.
  2. My neighbor, the genius who works as an Engineer at Micron Technology is here in this video from Aug 2018.  I got the stat wrong though – according to this list on wikipedia, Sandhu is the 7th in the world. Ironically, the second highest patents is by Kia Silverbrook who was the founding member of the tech company I retired from (Memjet Technologies) in 2010.
  3. The spiritual teacher in my area that died Aug 25 is Lelelewa, news link is here. She was the practitioner who gave me my very first reading, the one my sister in law was talking about when she said “you should go see my psychic” and I thought that was the most ridiculous idea – little did I know. I had 2 possibly 3 readings from her and then hadn’t connected with her in years. My pilates instructor is one of her students and shared with me that her teacher had died in the recent crash. Small world.  Thank you Lelelelwa and all of us who help others see themselves.
  4. BTO (Beyond the Ordinary) offer is here and our conversation is here.
  5. Cari interview details and special offer will be provided asap.
  6. Trips available are listed here (last call for Greece!)

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