Next Level Spirituality and Exposing False Reincarnation Programs – Jill and Cari Murphy

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Notes and feedback from the live call:

  • Are You Seeking Clarity about the Afterlife?
  • Are YOU a constantly curious freedom fighter — passionate about truth, authenticity and being of service on the planet?
    • There is a great deal of misinformation about our choices and levels of truth have been hidden from us. It’s time for the RESTORATION OF OUR FREEDOM in this reality and beyond!
    • Have you ever wondered WHAT EXACTLY HAPPENS AFTER DEATH in the after life corridors?
  • Why would the Egyptians, with all the sacred wisdom they accessed, have been so focused on the after life journey if it were as easy and straightforward as shared near death experiences would indicate?
  • What if we never had to incarnate, and didn’t even have to this time?
  • Maybe there is far more to the after life stages and reincarnating, that is much more complex and much less well known that humans not only want to know, but can know, and need to know — to stop the prevalence of unnecessary, coerced reincarnation
  • Experience a RESTORATION OF YOUR FREEDOM, a resurgence of your infinite energy; a re-union with your divinity and a declaration of your creative power and timelessness!
  • Learn the significance of wisdom, preparation, discernment, and empowerment to transcend manipulation, deception and distortion NOW AND IN THE AFTERLIFE!


Hi Cari and Jill, I really resonate with what you’re saying here. I had an NDE experience years ago but it wasn’t the typical “seeing the light story”. It did prove to me I had a soul separate from my body and the catalyst that propelled me forward to where I am today on my Ascension Journey. Intriguing changes in my dream life, spiritual and physical life have resulted in my questioning everything. I am starting to become curious again, thanks to my inner child and other new evolving aspects of myself. This information you bravely share here today is confirming and uplifting. I feel less fearful and lighter listening to this call today. Musing about Grace, the light within, the afterlife and discernment now. I sensed the healing energy (green colour within my mind’s eye) during the activation. Very grateful to you both. ~ Lynda

We ALL love Jill and YOU Cari so much and love when you two are on together. I so appreciate this theme and discussion for this season. The Afterlife is complex and we need to understand and be open to hearing the truth. There is so much to explore here and also be empowered around it including discernment about the deceptions and distortions that we could experience or our loved ones on the other side as well. I hope we can help each other with this whether on this side or already on the other side. Thank you for holding this beautiful space together and going deep with this. Beautiful special offer as well. Grace is the unconditional Love and power of God working through us at all times if we allow it and pray for it. Thank you Jill! Bless you Cari and Jill from ALL of us for this opportunity to be together with you today! ~ Suzanne

I feel as though that was just for me! Profound experience. Thank you for coming together to create this safe place & radiant opportunity! So many unnecessary s left, and so many truths welcomed back! Reunion feels free! ~ webcast listener

Hello Much appreciation and wonderful that you are sharing this wisdom! ~ Maria

It was very powerful Jill Renee Feeler! You’ve opened my eyes and mind to so many new ways of thinking. I have a lot of new questions now. Thank you for always being that “Trail Blazer” for so many of us!~ Mary

I have known Jill for a long time, and trust her information. I have also resisted to listening to her and this latest information because I am 79 years old and this is disappointing to have illusion blown. I willingly came here today is because I am open to learning new truths. Thank you as always. ~ Elaine

Dear Cari & Jill: Thank you lovely ladies for having this wonderful, informative and healing show today, which is so needed at this time in our ascension process.Thank you both! ~ Laurie

Yes, laughing is wonderful, thank you Jill for your wisdom and energy, I am sooo grateful, wish I could travel with you to these portals physically but I can as a multidimensional being of light, Thank you with loving gratitude ~ Patricia

You are a Great Host Cari ~ Randy

So excited to be on my first LIVE call with my TWO FAVORITE TRUTH SPEAKERS! ~ Denna

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With love and cosmic hugs,