Does Luck Exist? JRF Podcast #223

I originally planned to share a live podcast for this week, prior to my departure Wed to Greece for another epic client trip!  And then, on Monday after client sessions, I felt ready and inspired to do a podcast audio recording on a topic that came up in one of the sessions that I wanted to expand upon and offer to all of you, for your consideration. This podcast is on the very powerful concept of Luck, which I’m observing many in my sphere of interaction don’t believe in. SO, here you go ~ a case for Luck.

Is Luck real? Many seem to not believe there is luck, perhaps instead believing that everything happens for a reason, for a purpose and that everything has meaning. I can see where the concept of luck wouldn’t fit in that paradigm. And yet, in this message, we are offering that luck is a very real variable in this reality and in life. Acknowledging the role of luck, good and bad luck, is perhaps the huge upgrade you’ve been looking for in making sense, of yourself, your experience, and what Is, as well as what can be. I hope it serves you well, your inner greatness, and the many possible expressions of your greatness in this strange and also beautiful world.

Video is here:

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