For those in the process of accessing their interdimensional frequencies, and for all on their path ready for further expansion, we recommend the online classes. Series can be taken in any order. Please explore and choose where you are led to get started.

Divine NOW Series

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My team has shown me where we still have areas of disbelief... finding it hard or even impossible to believe that we are divine, right now, just as we are. This matters because without this foundation, we block ourselves from our own divine energy, making our spiritual gifts less powerful, our lives harder, dimmer and sometimes more lonely. We can flood ourselves with the divine Spirit and in this series we show you how.

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Celebrating the Empaths

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Restoring and upgrading your trust and faith in Yourself as an Empath and the divinely unique way you are wired to be Light… while being Human. I want you to get High And get Real in the Light that you Are.

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