The Balanced Heart: The New Frontier!! with Jill Renee Feeler

god-594722_1920 My team asked me to lead a group into a new structure for the Divine Human, creating The Balanced Heart. It is the next step after the amazing work already done here on Earth with the archetypes of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, now fully available in convenient archive. Not to be missed materials, insights and launch-making energies for your further expansion of Being light in human form.

Into Divine Balance

Free Call related to this Series is here.

In this series we are directly involved in creating a new archetype for humanity that is the Balanced, fully Divine heart. We more fully celebrate our chosen human gender while having a deeper understanding of our Higher Self experience, which is beyond gender. We set in motion the New Frontier for human enlightenment – I can feel Buddha, Jesus and Mary Magdalene celebrating this work… We have now moved into new territory of Light in human form, that is beyond our present state and possibly even beyond our imaginations. We are lovingly, and honorably guided in this process. It is imperative that this work is done from within the human experience, to honor the free will within this reality. For some, this work helps clarify why you incarnated as well as helping you deeply and soulfully re-engage with your human experience… Benefits of this experience include:

  • overall enhanced sense of purpose in being divinely You
  • increased discernment
  • upgraded connection with your Higher Self
  • more balanced emotions
  • increased peace on the mental and egoic levels of self
  • feeling the significance of being human, right now
  • the comfort of remembering why you chose to be human, from your Higher Self’s perspective
  • deeper sense of empowerment, as your Soul Signature in human form
  • more room for joy and confidence in your everyday life

I am thrilled to be offering this experience to you and the others ready to go further into the Divine Human codex, updating it as we proceed in this experience. We have never done this before from in the bodysuit. We are upgrading humanity in many ways, as this group can probably relate to. We offer ourselves and humanity at large an expanded sense of Sovereignty, independence, majesty, love, light and glory. And so it is. We experience messages from our teams (my term for our Higher Self energies, which are beyond One Soul, an approach that allows us to better access our expanded divine all that is layers), meditations, activations, live Q&A, conversation and shared community via a dedicated FB group. I normally do this type of work at my annual retreats. This work is very deep and quite expanded. Still, I welcome those new to their awakening process as well as those new to my work. I trust you, and your sense of being led to this work with me and the others. But, please know that in my work I interact with you as the Master you are, knowing that this approach itself is highly activating to your human connection with your higher self dimensions. I look forward to sharing and creating alongside our teams and each of you via these special materials, now available fully in archive.  This is especially for those led to change the fabric of humanity, from the inside out. We don’t rescue. We don’t save. We don’t over analyze from the mental planes. We simply Are the Light of Source, by choice, by self-identity and we hold the door open for others in doing so.

Three Recorded Calls

I can feel our team’s excitement about this work and what is available in this series. I am honored to be partnering with You and Your Soul Signature in this divine process. With love, blessings and gratitude for all that you are, Jill Renee Feeler Purchase Here Testimonials of Jill’s work: “My heart is overflowing with gratitude, love and light! My whole body feels like it’s light-filled now! Grinning from ear to ear, and tears in my eyes! – Tom” “The freedom and the levels of sovereignty that I’ve accessed since I started listening to the Outwitting Wetiko materials has been so rewarding, and so surprising… I feel brighter in my Light! I needed this series because I wasn’t going to engage this level of Light from where I was before. I had to expand in this other layers of unconsciousness, and to be able to see everything at a different angle. I wasn’t sure that I was ready or even interested in this series. But I’ve got to tell you, I’m loving it!! I absolutely love it and I feel like that it’s supportive to everything else I’ve done in my spiritual awakening.  It integrates and upgrades everything that you’ve, that we’ve, created so far in spiritual teachings.” – JM “I had some very profound experiences listening to your calls, all of which were on the playback due to time differences here in Western Australia. Your capacity to open Space Portals and reach into ONE’s TRUE HEART is thoroughly appreciated by both Human Megan & Soul-full Megan.” – Megan C “OMGoodness Jill!!!!! Talk about a game changer!!!! There is not enough room here to express what has happened since the call [Outwitting Wetiko episode 2] last night. This series is HUGE!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Love you!” “The Chamber of Light [portion of the meditation] is amazing. Lots of emotions came up at the welcome we received. Definitely felt that I was in the right place. Thank you!” – Lance “Hello! I just listened to the replay and must say… I [enjoyed having the replay to] go through it again, receiving even more fully… my record is now clear, I am re-membering who I am, and Grace and Divine Light Energy are now received, My golden book has changed into a white dove; I am more than my human; my angelic frequencies have been activated, and I am Infinite Love! GRATIA! Deep gratitude for Jill Renee Feeler and this group! Thank you for the permission to BE and allow others to BE. WOW!” – Didi “I am extremely grateful for Jill Renee Feeler and this series! I appreciated all the comments and call ins. I totally related to Didi. I too have experienced immense episodes of loneliness and during the last one I heard “you are never alone, you have me”. Perhaps I needed to experience being alone to know I am never alone, I am always with God and the Divine and they are with me. Thank you everyone.” – Deborah “Ahhhhhh…. simply speechless for how my body and soul feels right now.” – Jena “Thank you. Amazing!!!” – Jean “There are times when you know the course of your life will never be the same and that understanding is incredibly liberating. The clarity infiltrates every cell of your being and alters your vision. You hear things with new ears and move forward with greater conviction. That’s what happened to me after call 1. I am different, I am more of myself…I don’t know how better to explain it. I just know it’s awesome and I can hardly wait for the next call. Jill, I am so grateful for you and your love for all of humanity! Thank you, thank you, Thank YOU!” – Megan