The Do’s and Don’ts to Make 6 Figures with a Small Email List:

How To Create a Platform for Your Light, and not lose money doing it

Audio Replay is here:   Video is coming (had some tech glitches :-) ) For this week’s message we have something special to offer. This one may be of particular interest to my fellow Bringers of Light that are wanting to expand their services, to touch more lives. I didn’t expect to be an entrepreneur. I was passionate about sharing my gifts and found myself creating a business in the process, and actually enjoying it (well, most of it). I look at my business as a container for my Light. What I find in my work with many clients, is that in their passion to live their purpose, they wish they had a system, a “container” if you will, for their Light. For many, that is a service that can or has become a business. I’ve helped many here with their soulful businesses which, alongside with my own business experience, as turned into quite a list of often surprising and even counter intuitive do’s and don’ts. I’ve also come across some pretty disturbing  but common practices for growing businesses, that just didn’t feel right. I love to share with you, cheering you on in all the ways you live your unique soul signature in this very unusual reality. There are no guarantees for business success but I love to share strategies, hoping to help you avoid some mistakes and to help you prioritize what really matters. And, I have a guest to assist, adding double the soul-ful, business savvy guidance and expertise: Gabrielle Spencer, creator of Heart Opening to Abundance. I met Gabrielle through an invitation to participate in a business development project she created. I wasn’t led to join the project at this time but I felt very connected to her energy, I initiated some email exchanges and I asked if she would be interested in a live call where we can both share strategies for creating a successful soul-based business. It is clear from our conversation that we have each turned away from some common practices and turned towards our own hearts, our own soul connection, resulting in business success that would defy the odds. I am excited to share with you, alongside Gabrielle, this Tuesday.

Gabrielle and I each have a connection to the esoteric fields that we use in our lives and in our work. I’m ready for serious depth and cosmic strategies for sharing our light and growing more successful soul-based businesses…

Weekly messages are our gift to the world, to inspire the Light of God within all life. This is a no bullshit zone – we turn “enlightenment” teachings on their head… to reveal the authentic Light that is already there, in You! With love, gratitude and blessings, Jill Events, private sessions, archived classes, travel, recorded interviews and so much more are available. I LOVE to create and share soulful resources. Thank you for your support. I appreciate You.

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