JRF’s Transcending Time Activation Series

Activations into your Infinite Self’s Vibrational Frequency

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Within the past 5 months I’ve experienced client trips to Greece, Zion Utah and Egypt at the beginning of 2020. I’m not kidding :-) There were times when I wondered what the heck I was thinking. Now, I see why I was guided this way. For us, for now. I offer this series of freshly created activations and support materials to assist you in transcending the structures of time and space that have locked up the spiritual progression and transformation many of us knew was missing. We were right. Let’s get it, by expanding our fields into it. We know, at the deep levels of being, that our true Infinite Self is beyond space… beyond time. Yet again and again, without often realizing it, SO many spiritual concepts keep placing us back in spacetime! For example:

  • We are called Old Souls (reference to age, which is time).
  • We identify as Starseeds which, yes, feels more expansive than just being our human, only on Earth, and yet still bounds us within space.
  • Many love to hear messages from “the Cosmos”, which is a vibrational frequency still within timespace.
  • Most spiritual paths include dedication to understanding “past lives” and yet every single reincarnation structure firmly plants your attention on a sequential, linear, processional framework in… spacetime.
  • Studies of and readings from the Akashic records can be so helpful to many and yet these records most often only reference spacetime energetic structures.
  • Are they all great? Yes. Are they extremely helpful? Yes. Is there even more? Ohhhh yes. And it is wayyyyyy better, much more clear, genuine and more purely Source God light energy ~ because it goes beyond the human-oriented, spacetime conventions that are not needed for us to connect, directly, timelessly, not just to Source energy ~ but As Source energy.

This. Is. Next. Level. We (you and I, alongside our teams in the all that is) have the language, the connection, the vibrational frequencies to take things to new levels, together, alongside one another. This isn’t done for us. No, that wouldn’t be a real upgrade. This is done by us. It’s the only authentic way to create new codes for this reality… from within it, by taking on a human bodysuit to do so. Pretending to be fully human, while also being fully light that is beyond timespace… all at “once”. You feel that? Oh yeah :-) My team is excited, offering “Prepared to be surprised. Some of you have been waiting… for this. Thank you for your patience. It’s time. Can’t wait for you to be a part of it. Calling all individual vessels of Creator light and all of you in professions assisting others with their light. We can’t wait to get started. Alongside you. As we turn up the light, together.” We do this ~ Together ~ This series is custom made for 1) those who seek to more personally experience an even deeper, timeless connection to Source God in their everyday lives and 2) for those who work alongside their Source God frequencies as their profession and want to take their skills to another level (likely even beyond the vibrational frequency of what you were taught – ready to shake things up and have your clients say “WoW!!”) We’ve created a package for each of you, understanding the varying levels of specificity these two audience groups are looking for. In this timeless series, you will:

  1. Attune your human consciousness to the vibrational frequency of your Higher Self, or what I prefer to call your Infinite Self.
  2. Upgrade your vibrational frequency beyond spacetime references to growth and progress, into the omnipresent and timeless constructs of your Infinite Self.
  3. Acquire the language, words and phrasing necessary in your integrating these constructs into your every day life and into your client work (for my fellow professionals).
  4. Access and personally know yourself as an explorer into and out of time… that defies space (think OBE 3.0).
  5. Accentuate your presently known spiritual abilities and gifts
  6. Activate further aspects of your Infinite Self -> into your present human journey (of course!)
  7. Accommodate a deeper, more personal sense of Source energy, within your humanness.
  8. Acclimate to an authentic sense of confidence and bravery for being and nurturing your true self in this reality, as your You.

Ready to feel liberated in the light that you Are, infinitely? Then, let’s get started!

We have created two packages of JRF’s Transcending Time Activation Series for you to pick from:

JRF’s Platinum Package Transcending Time Activation Series available here

JRF’s Professional’s Platinum Package designed specifically for those actively working in the field as healers, intuitives, therapists, and coaches. Includes everything in the Platinum Package plus unique additional activations, recommendations for integrating these energies into your client work and two Practitioner’s Group Call Replays for collaborative integration of these new vibrational frequencies into your client work

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JRF’s Professional’s Package

Item List

Item 1

n/a – no longer pertinent – it was a 30 minute private session offered as a package special when this series was first released on BTO. That package offer is no longer available, but the course materials are and private sessions can be booked at any time here.

Item 2

Introductory Meditation and Message, beginning the attunement of your human consciousness with your Infinite Self’s vibrational frequency, which is, of course, beyond spacetime (audio format, ~45 minutes)

Item 3

Pre-Activation Resources for those new to my work and for those who want a refresh. Stargate Technology within human life forms, accessing Source Energy (video and audio formats, 2 hours and 4 min) Time & Creation of Linear Time (audio format, 1 hr 15 min) Written Message (~15 minute read)

Item 4

Golden Ray Activation Set – Assists you in reconnecting with your Infinite Self as the whole and complete being you are (ultimate release from heavier present life experiences, possible trauma from family/childhood/this world, etc.). Additional guidance for Practitioners to assist themselves and their clients further embodiment of wholeness and wellbeing, now.  (1 hour 41 minutes / Video & Audio Format)

Item 5

Platinum Ray Activation Set  Supports you in creating a new architecture for your infinite light, within your present self. Fresh starts begin here, at your light, within your wholeness. Additional guidance for Practitioner’s to assist themselves and their clients further embodiment of mastery and creation energy.  (1 hour 6 minutes /Video & Audio Format)

Item 6

Sphinx Activation (audio format, 19 minutes) Goddess Isis Activation (video and audio format, 5 minutes) Temple of Horus Activation (video and audio format, 1 hour 6 minutes) Horus’ Activation (audio format, 30 minutes)

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Some Reviews to Assist in Your Decision:

“Hi Jill, This series was truly the most transformative materials I’ve experienced to date. I’m beyond GRATEFUL to have shared this with you and my many new friends. My HEART SINGS – My BODY is LIGHT – I FEEL FREE!!! THANK YOU!!! Love, B.”

“I very much valued my time with Jill [private session]. Her connection is amazing and intentions are pure. I was offered new awareness and received many confirmations. This session provided huge upgrades with advice that will serve me for a lifetime. I am grateful and look forward to scheduling sessions more regularly. -A.”

“Jill’s [private] session exceeded every expectation. She has an unbelievable, unique and amazing ability to tap into the higher realms then regurgitate the information in a way that resonates so deeply. Immediately, she answered multiple questions I didn’t even realize that I had and helped me believe that it was okay to have all my feelings about this life and to still move forward confidently. I came into it feeling slightly overwhelmed with my place in this world, and I left feeling truly empowered and confident as the sovereign divine being that I am now. Her unconditional support, excitement, and love for this world and for myself was felt at all times. I am forever grateful for this experience.” Joanna Stevens

“Hi Jill! I have purchased the package after listening to you on BTO. I just want to commend you on the information you are bringing forth and I know this is such truth. I have invested a lot of time, money and energy into my spiritual seeking over the last 10 years in the pursuit of eliminating mental and emotional suffering and aligning to my joyful purpose and was getting frustrated that although my mind and heart was expanding, I still wasn’t seeing the results. I more recently led myself back to me. Some of the same things I was questioning were then validated by the information and I am so jazzed about just being my eternal self and creating from there. Through the BTO package I am scheduled to have a session with you again. Regards, Amy”

“This has been my first private session with Jill Renee and it will not be my last. It was wonderful! I felt truly seen and validated like never before. Her messages opened me up to my true self in words that have never been expressed to me before. And also opened my up to amazing possibilities. Thank you, Jill! -Patricia”

“Jill, I have to share that my love for this series keeps growing with each recording. I believe this is by far my most favorite series EVER, and the others were already amazing!! I am loving this series so so much, like no other before – and I have loved many of yours – that I just had to stop and let you know and Thank you for sharing these beautiful truths from love – they are making my world a better place. This sharing of beauty and love and receiving of beauty and love, well THIS is the real New Earth if you ask me… Xoxoxo M.”

“Dear Jill- thank you for sharing your gifts, insights and healing abilities with me. It was and continues to be a ground breaking message for me that has resonated deeply within me. You confirmed many things and surprised me too. Good surprises! I have listened to it over and over again and will continue to absorb the wisdom, advice and attagirls that came through during our session. Nervous before we began, but no need because there was oodles of love and soulfulness during our session! I feel lighter, more confident, beautiful and blessed. My pups, Riley and Shadow enjoyed meeting you too! Thank you Sister. I Love you and the work you do.” Rose Duncan “This series feels like the best book I’ve ever read, ever! Thank you so much for doing this course. This changes everything! -J.”