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Monthly messages inspire and inform while offering unprecedented support for personal greatness, for deeper levels of authenticity and for making the mysteries of life knowable. You may be amazed at what’s possible ~ now. Let us show you. Event is now complete, archives are available in audio and video formats ~ I cannot wait for you to experience it! Want a Sampler of what we did, at least in the first part (full message is ~1 hr 30 min)? Here you go:

The primary message offered us new strategies for growth, making opportunities and utilizing creation energy in our lives. We also offered our perspective on some news headlines taking place during this sharing (Sen. Bernie Sanders trying to win the Democrat’s US Presidential nomination, the Coronavirus, 5G).  The team also had a nice passion around all of the fear mongering/dealing/brokering that takes place with some very popular teachers and leaders, even in consciousness and spirituality communities. The team definitely wanted to encourage us to step back and review ourselves and our patterns if we’ve become addicted to being afraid.  Very empowering, clear message and I hope you love it!

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