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Testimonials from this series:

I have to tell you, Jill, that the “unveiling your light” series was EPIC for me. One of the best experiences I have ever had! I expanded to new heights like I have never before. New gateways were opened. My cup runneth over! Thank you – Emily”

“Thank you so much Jill. What you offered was so loving and helpful, I am grateful and I will definitely go back and listen again. – J”

“Thank you so much Jill! Beautiful answer to the question my God essence was guided to present for us tonight. Loving Being Here and with you for this amazing journey of love. Bless you always for being YOU! – S”

Since 2012 we have been in a window of tremendous expansion.We have taken the spiritual and consciousness teachings and put them into practice. The growth, personally and collectively, is remarkable and praise worthy!

So what’s next? Many of us sense there is more. We even crave it, this soulful growth. We somehow know, at a core level within ourselves that there is an even deeper, truer form of God connection available. More light within. More love. More of life’s blessings. And, we are correct.

We are being asked and invited into a very special group experience to take things to the next level. This time, we are going even deeper within ourselves. To do so, we will peel back some veils, revealing the the pure Light of God that we are… even while we are human. In this process, there may be some uncomfortable moments. Uncomfortable because there are some beliefs and truths that are now outdated for our current level of enlightenment. Pointing out these older truths can be painful for the ego. But the ego is our storyteller and as long as we have a new story to tell, then the discomfort can be slight and temporary. We have a new story to tell, a very empowering story; one that honors the Mastery that you are, as your Soul. This is a vibration range most don’t realize is possible. And yet, my team (which is what I call my inner connection to God) showed me this inherent, timeless, eternal mastery from the beginning of my awakening. We all have access to this, from right where we are. This is a noticeable difference in my work relative to others, with amazing benefits to all with whom I have the honor to work/partner/play.

There is an upgraded story which we cannot wait to tell You! A story of unconditional love that never stopped just because you are presently having your human journey. Love that is like an eternal flame, within your soul. Our mission is to have a reunion with this unconditional love of God in a way that we’ve never done before.

We are assisted by an impressive team of wisdom, guidance, love and support that includes a special forum of the Pleiadian Council,  arc angels, Jesus, Buddha, Mary Magdalene and many more. Because humanity is being uplifted. Not by them. By us. It is why We are Here.

Are you ready for seriously amazing expansion?

This is an advanced course, offered uniquely and exclusively for This group, supporting those ready to Create the next phases of human enlightenment.

If You are interested, then I trust that you are divinely encoded for this advanced level of personal revelation and personal connection with Source Creator God.

I want to caution you that there will be some surprises.. Often this authentic form of soulful reunion doesn’t look the way our brains think it should… and we will lovingly but boldly help your brain understand this mismatch. I prefer honest, loving, mature and clear communication. Personal reunion with your soulfulness does not always mean the perfect human life, picture perfect relationships or that money grows on the trees near your residence. Pure Light in this reality does not translate into pure perfection in the human journey. Just ask Jesus… We will lovingly but fearlessly melt away any layers of myth and fantasy that are getting in the way of us being the Powerful, Bold and Durable forms of Love and Light that we Are in this reality.

Living legends of light and love don’t need myths…

Let’s restore our ability to be the living legends of light and of love that we are born to be.

This experience delivers the seeds, the water and the fertilizer that we’ve been asking for to create that next level of Living our Light. These upgrades aren’t handed to us; we create them and that is why we are referred to herein as living legends. This process is coming straight from Source, just for us, our work, our service and our play here on Earth.

A huge bonus is that throughout this process, even from the moment of registering we will be receiving the truest form of God’s love that we deserve, helping us live our life from a sense of deep purpose and sacred wholeness.

As soon as you register, you and I will be alongside each other, tuning the fields for this important service. I am feeling activated and energized even as I’m laying out the details of this divinely timed group experience.

I am honored to get to partner with You and our heavenly assistants. They honor us, our humanity and it is time for us to honor ourselves, as the very important ground crew we are in this ascension process. They want us to feel celebrated in this process. The stars and angels in human form that we are.

We provide you with three exceptional messages, available immediately upon purchase.

Each including a meditation, profound messages, and recorded Q&A.
Outcomes you can expect from this experience:
  • A deeper sense of Purpose in why You chose to be human, right now,
  • A truer, more authentic Connection to God that is personal, reliable and trustworthy,
  • Clarity (finally) on how Enlightenment really happens and how we expand it.
  • Upgrades in our ability to receive and offer unconditional love

The timing of this course is important. Many can sense that humanity is at a crossroads. Evolution is a choice; a choice that humans make individually. We, as truly pioneering humans, have the ability to re-shape the framework of humanity through work like this. Upgrading grid systems! And, it is fun to do it together!

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Testimonials from Our work:

“My heart is overflowing with gratitude, love and light! My whole body feels like it’s light-filled now! Grinning from ear to ear, and tears in my eyes!” – Tom

“I had some very profound experiences listening to your calls, all of which were on the playback due to time differences here in Western Australia. Your capacity to open Space Portals and reach into ONE’s TRUE HEART is thoroughly appreciated by both Human Megan & Soul-full” – Megan C.

“The Chamber of Light [portion of the meditation] is amazing. Lots of emotions came up at the welcome we received. Definitely felt that I was in the right place. Thank you!” – Lance

“Hello! I just listened to the replay and must say… I [enjoyed having the replay to] go through it again, receiving even more fully… my record is now clear, I am remembering who I am, and Grace and Divine Light Energy are now received, My golden book has changed into a white dove; I am more than my human; my angelic frequencies have been activated, and I am Infinite Love! GRATIA! Deep gratitude for Jill Renee Feeler and this group! Thank you for the permission to BE and allow others to BE. WOW!” – Didi

“I am extremely grateful for Jill Renee Feeler and this series! I appreciated all the comments and call-ins. I totally related to Didi. I too have experienced immense episodes of loneliness and during the last one I heard “you are never alone, you have me”. Perhaps I needed to experience being alone to know I am never alone, I am always with God and the Divine and they are with me.” – Deborah

“Ahhhhhh… simply speechless for how my body and soul feels right now.” – Jena

“There are times when you know the course of your life will never be the same and that understanding is incredibly liberating. The clarity infiltrates every cell of your being and alters your vision. You hear things with new ears and move forward with greater conviction. That’s what happened to me after call 1. I am different, I am more of myself… I don’t know how better to explain it. I just know it’s awesome and I can hardly wait for the next call. Jill, I am so grateful for you and your love for all of humanity!” – Megan E.