Prediction: Heightened Unpredictability! Message from the Team with Deep Pyramid Meditation

In this global sharing from the team we experienced a wonderful pyramid meditation followed by an empowering message on various topics including:

  • Using “signs” to guide us in our lives
  • Being more decisive
  • Responding to unpredictability in an increasingly unpredictable reality
  • Allowing your soulful expansion to continue
  • The biggest roadblocks this group faces and how to overcome them

You are loved. You are love. Thank you for liking, sharing, commenting :-) It matters and I appreciate it. Song at end is copyrighted materials, “Temporary Home” original by Carrie Underwood. Due to copyright rules, I can only share this full sharing using Vimeo, shared privately on my site. The youtube version shared publicly will not have the singing part at end due to youtube copyright rules which make it difficult even when artist is fully acknowledged and credit given. Full video with my singing at end is here, and only here: Video with my singing removed at end due to copyright rules is here:

Audio only, with song is here. Changes for next week’s message: For next week’s live message I am wanting to go back to recording from my Panasonic Lumix G6. The video and audio quality from zoom is sooooo poor and it is really bothering me ~  not matching the amazing vibes we are creating together with these materials. I’ll think about it before next week but will likely do audio only for live and video in replay with much improved quality. Weekly messages are our gift to the world, to inspire the Light of God within all life. This is a no bullshit zone – we turn “enlightenment” teachings on their head… to reveal the authentic Light that is already there, in You! With love, gratitude and blessings, Jill Events, private sessions, archived classes, travel, recorded interviews and so much more are available. I LOVE to create and share soulful resources. Thank you for your support. I appreciate You. “Temporary Home” is a song written by Zac Maloy, Luke Laird and co-written and recorded by American country artist Carrie Underwood. It is the second official single from her third studio album, Play On, and was released to country radio the week of December 14, 2009.  The label is Arista Nashville and Sony Music.  I make no claims nor am I in any inferring copyright to the music.