Beyond Mindfulness

Can you imagine refusing to drive your car until you know everything about how it works? Or not flying on a plane until you are fully versed in the plane’s aerodynamic functioning? Well, this is sort of how I see the seemingly endless pursuit of enlightenment, consciousness and ascension.

You Are Light.

As a driver, or a passenger on a plane, at some point you just decide to trust the equipment, knowing that you don’t know everything and realizing you didn’t need to “know” everything in order to be a driver, or to ride on a plane. You choose to get going.

But in spirituality, we don’t trust the process. We hang out for years and even decades, studying, learning, trying, seeking… such dedication. Because it matters. And we say things like “Well, it’s a journey.”

When will we trust our Light, trust ourselves, trust our own humanness and d r i v e …  Be our Light?

Your Light is eternal. Eternal… lasting or existing forever; without end or beginning. That means it is here, now, even when you don’t know it, don’t understand it, or don’t feel it…

And your Love is powerful. Beyond our imagination powerful. And we need it, You, here. Now. Not as a student; as a Master. The Master you are, eternally. The Master you came here to be.

So, Brother, Sister, is it possible that just like the car you drive or the planes you’ve flown on, that your Light is beyond the mind’s need to understand it all?

What I’ve learned in my own Ascension experience is that the Mind will never say, “Ok, I’m ready.”

So don’t ask it to.

Trust your love. Your seeking can turn into finding. I will show you how. We will unlock the mind, to release the love.

Please just take a moment and feel. This. You. Eternally.

More info available Jan. 16 when I join John Burgos on Beyond the Ordinary for a live conversation.

With love, gratitude and blessings,
Jill Renee Feeler

For those that are ready. To be their Light.
Beyond Mindfulness.




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