If I were to speak at a TED talk I would share this message (and it would likely be banned)

If I were to speak at a TED talk… I would share THIS message (and it would likely be banned lol)! Oh this is going to be fun! Jesus is so excited. Did you know that Jesus wouldn’t have met the criteria for a TED talk? Neither would Galileo, DaVinci, and many other key historical figures. They are too “out there”. Too “woo woo”. Not Scientifically Verifiable. Too soft. See the problem? There is so much to talk about today in our version of a TED talk, what we would say. No invitations needed. No vetting. No being approved by a board. We are just going to Say it! So that we can BE the pure light that we are, (weird and woo woo, too).

Delivering direct connection to Source Creator God with meditation, conversation, and insights that help us personally access the Light within all life. We meet weekly as global members from all walks of life, all backgrounds, honoring the Light of God within and wanting to make sense of this strange reality.

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