Angel Code Activations with Jill Renee Feeler

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The Angelic realms are inviting us to step up, even further. We are ready to take on more light, more divine authority and more sovereignty within humanity. This is in many ways why we are here, why we are human, and why we are here now. I hope you can feel this truth deep within your being. I invite you to join me for this special experience, created just for this group. I was asked by my team (which includes the angelics) to step forward into sharing and offering these special codes with you at this time. I’m busy with many other offerings right now and yet this feels so important, another live series feels appropriate and very special (I’m excited we are all being asked to take these steps, create these upgrades!).

Jill Renee Feeler CEO Platinum Age Creations LLCWhy are we doing this series? Humanity easily gets stuck; stuck in our beautiful minds, stuck in self-sabotage, stuck in the minutiae of day to day living, stuck in limiting beliefs. The angels deeply honor our being, our humanness, and yet we often do not. We have forgotten the sanctity of humanity and this prevents us from allowing the angelic codes into our being; we simply can’t believe that angelic and humanity can fit together. And yet, they do. This group, those who feel called, are uniquely able to make this integration, to harmonize our human energy fields with the angelic energy vibrations. We can do this. I will show you how, guided directly by the angelic realms. We will be shown/guided how to make this real in this reality, working with exactly what you are, right now.

  • We will see ourselves as the angels see us.
  • We will receive, activate and embody the Angel Code(s).
  • We will activate these codes, uniquely for each of us.
  • We will be shown by the Angels, led by Michael and Gabriel, how each of us individually can live the Angel Codes, even in our every day lives.
  • They will clarify misunderstandings, clearing the runway for meaningful, life-upgrading experiences.
  • They will address our beautiful brains, helping our minds and egos be part of this process (leaving them out, doesn’t work well lol).
  • We will allow laughter, even silliness into the experience, allowing us to further bring the angelic essence into our humanity in the process.
  • We will get real and be blunt where necessary, engaging with each other as the emotionally mature adults that we are.
  • We will walk the talk, alongside our Angel siblings, which is how we always intended this human journey to be.
  • Home brought Home, here to Earth.
  • And so it is.



The Angel Code Activation series is available in the form of three audio recordings totaling ~ 4 hours of profound experience to assist you in knowing and being your infinite light source energy.


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Testimonials on other Series I’ve offered including the recent Celebrating the Empaths and Outwitting Wetiko series:

“I just have to express how AWESOME Jill Renee Feeler is! I had a private session with her monday and she is simply off-the-charts amazing! I’m still reeling at her gifts and expression…her clarity and refined skill in reading the energies and in communicating with our teams. WOW! I must also add how indescribably awesome it feels to be seen in TRUTH by another!

THANK YOU Jill Renee Feeler! For all you are and do on this planet and in all other realms! YOU are an interstellar rockstar sistar! And thank you for reminding me that i am too. ((( heart emoticon )))” – Krista, New York

Sweet!!! I have learned so much and the [team’s] wisdom has been so helpful and enlightening. I am greatful to you all. And Jill, u hav opened my eyes to alot of things and different perspectives on how I am doing things and seeing things. U are awesome and maybe someday I will have the insight and ability to tap into my team like u can. Thank you. Love P.” Celebrating the Empaths participant

“I just wanted to say how grateful I am to have experienced this with you all. I really enjoyed yesterday’s call the grand finale. I feel like more grateful for having this human experience. This is very special. I am so excited about the rest of my life. I always felt like, if I get this or learn this then I can succeed. but now I just want to start my own podcast and talk about how we are already everything we ever aspired to be and there is nothing holding me/us back. All is available to us right now. This human experience is more than I could have ever imagined. I look at my body differently, my life differently and my relationships differently. Wow. I love you all and am so incredibly grateful!” – H. Celebrating the Empaths participant

I’m delighted for you and I to create together with our Angelic partners and I look forward to sharing these very special, very sacred codes with you. We need more angel vibrations reverberating within humanity. It makes divine sense that this happens with this group!

With love and gratitude,