Galactic Council Update: Spirituality is Splintering

Introducing_ Weekly Podcasts Welcome to this episode! To access this event, please click here to Sign in to your account or if you are not yet Registered click here to Sign up for a free account Can't see the call details/replay? Then you aren't logged in :-) Welcome to this episode! This message was shared live and now available in archive for you, once you've registered and logged in. Weekly podcasts offering clarity, purpose and sovereignty to our human journeys - we need every last drop of divinity we can muster. In today's message we provide an impromptu update on the goings on at the galactic council level. It was offered that we pause and reflect on what makes us feel alive, do we like that source of energy, do we like the way we feel in that manner of living. Why does this matter? Because we can change it - we often forget that. We just chalk our flaws and unconscious patterns up to "that's just the way we are." But it isn't; rather it is what we've allowed ourselves to be and we can notice this, consider whether we consciously choose it and explore other directions for feeling and being alive. This matters. This is the rubber meeting the road. I know we have a lot of stuff in our lives that feels more important and distracts us from digging deep. But it is abundantly clear that things aren't getting better by fighting these surface fires. The bigger opportunity for real change is within each of us. Don't be distracted, pay attention to what is going on in your field. Choose. Be choosy. This matters. Or you wouldn't be here. For those new to my work that may be cautious or even skeptical, I get it. The me of 10 years ago would've been completely freaked out or just arrogantly indifferent about a message and concepts like this. And yet, I do feel more alive than I did 10 years ago. I look and feel younger than I did 10 years ago. My mind is even more on point than it was 10 years ago. My relationships with my husband and our children and my other loved ones is better than it was a decade ago. I'm a better person - I've added to what I was and it just made me better. I'm not perfect and thankfully that was never the goal. And, perhaps most importantly, I am closer to God than I was 10 years ago or at any point in my years of following Christ through present day separation age teachings of Christianity. I feel supernatural. I want everyone to have the chance to feel this way, to be superhuman. It is how we were originally designed to be... but we forgot, a logical outcome of a compressed system to create a dark age. I opened up to another way of looking at me, this world and what is possible. I can't keep that to myself, that would be unconscionable. And I love humanity far too much to keep these divine truths to myself. Inspiring, evolutionary messages for personal joy and thriving in a non-religious yet deeply God-centered manner to expand consciousness, and help us evolve and thrive within our human experience. With love and gratitude, Jill