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In this Project we are upgrading the process of Spiritual Experiencing, dramatically. Here is what I mean: normally in spirituality we are inviting our Higher Self into our humanness. But, with this 2017 Tune Our World Project our Higher Self is inviting our humanness into the Higher Self experience… to be a part of these Guardian Council affairs. Our inner Mastery is seen, expected and called upon to assist in global affairs at the Higher Self level. Please just feel into that for a moment – this is monumental… We’ve never done this before, as our humans…

In Call 1 archive you will experience the Chamber of Light, which is a special council session of Higher Self energies focusing on the present cycles of Earth. And we were directly a part of it, as our humanness!!! I normally am led to this advanced level of work only at my Platinum Age Retreats, so I was surprised, too.  We were welcomed and celebrated, as our humanness. The Pleaidians cheered “the humans are here!” It is an amazing experience, highly activating at all levels of self.

We are masters. And my team interacts with us accordingly. It is super charged, highly activating materials, that You contribute to.  We are tuning up this world, by our being Our unique Light at this expanded degree.  This project helps us step up into our Higher Self energies, with a specific and meaningful application to get us started — Tuning our World. And tuning our human at the same time.

All of the Call Recordings and the prep recordings are ready for you now!  I’d love for Your Light, Your Unique Soul Signature to be a part of Tuning Our World for 2017… and beyond.

Sign up here and let’s get this Light Party started! – Jill Renee Feeler

Below are some of the comments I’m receiving to help you get an idea of what is taking place in this project. We are doing the very advanced work that I normally only do at my Platinum Age Retreats, and we aren’t holding back. 

 “Thank you Jill & team for facilitating the space for some utterly amazing actions within my SELF. 

Over the last 4 weeks the 2017 Tune Our World Project… or as my Higher Self kept calling it ‘The Tune In Project’…. along with other activity I was led to, has seen me upgrade not only more in light but also more in Trust with my Intuitive Reception & Fuller Acceptance of my Human Body/Brain Consciousness. Not only do I feel more tuned in to where I am headed (even without being able to state what that is exactly), I also feel More Tuned In to my Soul Presence & All-That-Is.
I had some very profound experiences listening to your calls, all of which were on the playback due to time differences here in Western Australia. Your capacity to open Space Portals and reach into ONE’s TRUE HEART is thoroughly appreciated by both Human Megan & Soul-full Megan.
Thank You once again for following your Soul Urges
Many Heart-felt Blessings to you,
Love Megan Clark XXX”

The Chamber of Light is amazing. Lots of emotions came up at the welcome we received. Definitely felt that I was in the right place. Thank you!” – Lance

“That was amazing – Can we go back & do this process again?” – Sherry (answer – yes! Each call is archived for multiple listens and replays, no expiration).

“I got There’s a new song that’s been sung that shows you all the new years won you stand upon the ball to help you feel you are all a very beautiful emotional start. the emerald handled doors were amazing.” – Graham

“Wow!! Thank you. I had amazing expansion in the left side of my head. I kept drinking from a cup of light for various things that came up during the meditation. This was so powerful! Thank you all!” – Pepper

“Thank you. Amazing!!!” – Jean

“I can feel how powerful and important this is. There is a lot of intense energy in my heart. I love what we are all creating here!! Thank you everyone!!!” – Amanda

My heart is overflowing with gratitude, love and light! My whole body feels like it’s light-filled now! Grinning from ear to ear, and tears in my eyes! ” – Tom

“There are times when you know the course of your life will never be the same and that understanding is incredibly liberating. The clarity infiltrates every cell of your being and alters your vision. You hear things with new ears and move forward with greater conviction. That’s what happened to me after call 1. I am different, I am more of myself…I don’t know how better to explain it. I just know it’s awesome and I can hardly wait for the next call. Jill, I am so grateful for you and your love for all of humanity! Thank you, thank you, Thank YOU!” – Megan

“Platinum paradigm shift! End of separation in many aspects; our human traits, emotions, and path, with ourselves and others. All-inclusive!” – Didi

“Jill Renee Feeler’s “2017 Tune Our World Project” is the answer to my prayers. If you’re ready to do some serious work in co-creating something spectacular for this world, this is the group! ” – Genevieve

“Hi Jill, I just wanted to say Hi, and say also like the caller on the recording I listened to last night October 2, that I just happened to listen to one of John’s replays on Saturday 10/1 and instantly after hearing you speak, I made a snap decision to sign up for your telecast World Project without ever hearing of you before. Your webinar is the first I have participated in many years. I was rather in awe of what I heard, although have been given a few clues on the path of my life to who my soul self is…(and I may add its been a friggin climb..ha!.

     I am a child of the baby boomer generation…..and in my family there were NO WAYSHOWERS …..so when I heard that first telecast I was rather amazed, incredulous and honored…I don’t have any contact with a “higher self” with voices….or even images…so I just kind of have this understanding from myself, and a few spiritual teachers along the way…such as Matt Kahn, Panache Desai, Abraham-Hicks., two in person seminars and two webinars along the way. So THANK YOU for this series!!”….Janet

“From call 1: Definitely feeling the spin at the end! Was in tears during the ceremony in The Chamber of Light. It was truly so special and I was just full of awe. Thank you for leading us through this Jill!” – Jennifer

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