Healthy Connections Start Here THE Parenting Series-2 Love. Understanding. Compassion. Maturity. Insightful. Balanced. Proactive. Available. Advocacy. Parenting has been something that we figure out as we go. With one child things can seem almost too easy at times. Then we get surprised as a new phase begins and the harmony is lost. It is also quite common for there to be regular and predictable friction between you or your partner and another child, making you wonder if you’ll ever figure it out with that amazing being. Some of us had great parents to model things for us, while others did not. Either way, every individual is different so every parent/child relationship is also unique. Many therapies count on both members of discourse to come together, to work things out. But, especially with children, this is often not the outcome even with years of expensive therapy. So what is a parent to do? That’s where I come in. We go to the deeper levels, the root issues for the insights and clarity we need to create actual solutions. Traditional therapy methods and mainstream parenting books miss out on the intuitive soulfulness, yours and your child/children as well as your partner. That is where we start. Because until we have the critical wisdom of the incarnation process, the selection of parents, the agreements we make with our children as souls, there is very little that conventional therapy and parenting strategies can do. We must go deeper; to the soul levels of you and your loved ones. I’ve been wanting to do this series for quite some time and am very excited to be sharing with You now. Even the best relationships can use some additional support, wisdom and techniques for deeper connection. We have four recorded messages to share with you, containing the materials for this series. You will also receive $60 USD towards a private session with me (each session is digitally recorded). I want to be clear that this series isn’t just about what I know, humanly, as a fellow parent. This series is about what I’m shown as my soul, with my intuitive gifts and my divine connection to God, to share with your soulfulness. We are here for You. Because as parents we know that the U.S. Army isn’t the toughest job you’ll ever love; parenting is. Or at least it can be. Benefits and objectives of this series include:

  • Wisdom: awareness of the incarnation process and how you came to be your child’s parent. This part may blow you away and help you shatter a lot of misconceptions about what it means to be the parent of your child… And believe they need shattering!
  • Discernment: what you can and cannot control in the relationship, saving you energy and helping you prioritize.
  • Love in Action: how to unconditionally love our children, authentically and practically. Hint: worry does NOT equal love… and we Can learn to love without worry (this one was a complete game changer for me as a parent of my two children).
  • Preparedness: key strategies for the tough times, so you can be prepared ahead of time. Confident, calm parenting, in love, helps our children feel more confident in us and in themselves.
  • Toughness: readiness for those moments when the words hurt, and not letting them get you too deeply.
  • Maturity: emotional maturity for liking yourself, even during the tempting invitations to lose yourself and your cool. How to say your sorry, and mean it.
  • Insight: the ability to see beyond the situation and even beyond the nonsense, to what is really going on.
  • Relationship building: for deep, rewarding, meaningful connections that last a lifetime.

This series is for parents of any age with children of any age (including adult children). Your relationship with your child can be so much easier, more rewarding and more enjoyable with the insights we will share in this series. The wisdom and insights I will share with you have changed the way I parent, the way I view my children and the way I view myself. Coincidentally, it also upgraded my relationship with my parents (bonus!). We will help you upgrade not just your parenting role and your relationship with your child/children but it also has the strong probability of upgrading everything about yourself (personally, professionally, even romantically). We are soulful and spiritual in our approach, but not “religious,” honoring all faiths in our process. I approach all of my work with tremendous honor and respect for you, and for me. We are very deep, but also quite playful and humorous where appropriate. The track record I have with my other classes, projects and private client work has offered me a high repurchase rate and a high referral rate. I take your amazing results seriously and I wouldn’t be sharing any thing with you, that I didn’t know was amazing, results-oriented and a huge upgrade from other information out there. If I didn’t think what I am offering is new and upgraded relative to alternatives, I wouldn’t be doing it (I’d be recommending others work to you). Ready to get started? I cannot wait to get started with You in THE Parenting Series. Jump in any time as all the materials are conveniently archived and the information is truly timeless. Have questions? Email me at XOxo, Jill Purchase here Valued at… priceless. Purchase price is $222 USD with lifetime access, includes $60 USD towards a private session and upgrades to last a lifetime. Private sessions are available here.