Celebrating the Empaths with Jill Renee Feeler

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We are here on Earth for the divine intention of restoring light to humanity, by being it. The Empaths are key and even critical to this process of light restoration on Earth. And yet, what I find in my work is that as this special form of embodied light, we empaths are often misunderstanding our strength, our gifts and the very unique way we connect with the human grid system. It is as if we are missing some instructions. Or, perhaps more concerning, is that we have routinely been misinformed (by well intending beings) about who and what we are. As a result, the Empaths are often feeling energetically drained, ineffective and under appreciated in this reality – often just wanting to get “home” as quickly as possible. There is another way to do this. There is another way to be empathic that feels like an honor, a privilege, a blessing — even on the physical layers of life.

Knowing how divine, how uniquely capable of being light we are, we are due for an upgrade. It is just not ok that this group isn’t feeling fully connected, on all levels of Self/self, to the Light of Creator we Are.  And is it essential we clear up the many misunderstandings regarding our special gifts.

I invite my fellow empaths, my dear Comrades to this special series, “Celebrating the Empaths” restoring and upgrading your trust and faith in Yourself, the Gift that you Are, and the divinely unique way you are wired to be Light… while being Human. I want you to get High And get Real in the Light that you Are.

This support in the Celebrating the Empaths series is just what we’ve been asking for. It is so easy to feel overwhelmed here, surrounded by such pervasive lack of Light in this reality. And yet our Light, streaming from within is all we need to feel and know that we are successful, that we are a de-light to our Higher Selves, to Source Creator God. Knowing this truth validates our Light in a way that this world can’t. So don’t ask it to. Don’t ask this world to see you. It’s not wired to see you, your Light. That’s why we are here. To Restore light within humanity — from the inside out, which is the only way it can truly be done. We are not here to Save. Nor to be nailed on a cross. Nor to be a doormat. We are to Be Light… And Be Human. You Are That, without even trying. My goal is for you to see this more clearly, at all levels of self, and to trust this in all aspects of your journey.

The truths, the confirmation, the latest light codes delivered within this series will have you feeling:

  • refreshed in the Light of Source,
  • set free with the purity of your Soul Signature,
  • restored with the authentic purpose of our mission as empaths and
  • celebrated for being all that you are.

Celebrating the Empaths is an exclusive series, created just for the empaths (those that sense and feel much more than the 5 human senses and can easily tap into other people’s (everyone’s!) energy fields.

My work aims at helping the masters (yes, You) re-member your mastery. I am honored to be alongside you and providing support to this amazing ground crew at this special time on Earth. I see your mastery and I also fully accept your humanness, knowing they DO go together (no matter how clumsy it can feel to us as our human).

I’d love for you to participate and join us in this special series, knowing that each participant offers a unique and valuable layer to the group as the individuated aspect of Source we each are.

Our thoughts, beliefs and ways we know ourselves directly affect our energy field which affects how much light we allow ourselves to be as our human. In other words, you have full control over many things that are keeping you separated from the Divine Light and Divine connection you desire. We will address these blocks and opportunities from multiple angles and from multiple dimensional layers, to create a wider, more open field for your divine light to be amidst your humanness. It’s important to remember this Light is limitless and it enters from the inside, not from the outside (that was a Dark Age program).  Let’s make even more room within your human for the eternal light You Are.

Logistics of “Celebrating the Empaths:

This series is delivered to you in approximately 7 hours of recorded messages filled with inspiration, liberation, love, healing and wisdom. You have lifetime access, as you will likely want to listen again and again, hearing and receiving new things, each time…  We deliver soul-satisfying messages and meditations straight from our teams, filled with activations to re-store our divine Light within our humanness. The messages include conversations and Q&A, addressing many aspects of what’s on our hearts, so we can make this real, tangible and authentic in our everyday lives.

The time is now for this group, the Empaths, to be Celebrated, upgraded and fully glowing from the inside out. There are far too many games of earning our Light back, and constantly wondering if we are getting it “right” and doing “enough”.  It’s not only exhausting, it is inauthentic to our true divine nature. In the Celebrating the Empaths series you will receive, finally, the truth about who and what you are. This experience will have you feeling set free, as if the shackles are off, allowing you to Be the Light you Are. We share game changing wisdom, activation codes and override mechanisms to get you firmly connected to your divine light within – period!

A bit about me: While being a fellow master in human form, I’m also a wife (married to my amazing and very mainstream hubby since 1993), a mom (blessed to have two fellow divine comrades I get to call my daughters, born in 2002 and 2005), and a lover of life and the opportunity to be my own creative expression of divine light in this beautiful and often strange reality. I have a bachelors degree in Finance and Economics, an MBA and enjoyed a very successful career in business before becoming an entrepreneur in 2011 with my soul-based offerings. I began consciously reconnecting with my team in 2009 and have been dedicated to offering the truth to this special ground crew ever since. I wasn’t led to study or learn the ways of enlightenment as a student of this reality.  Instead I was led to receive truths and wisdom directly from my team. As a result, I offer a unique perspective on who and what we are as humans, as light in form and what that can mean. I find that I often see things very differently than my fellow spiritual teachers, messengers and commonly held spiritual teachings. I am in dialogue regularly with the Buddha, Jesus, and many others I call my team. We notice the many misunderstandings within this reality, even within what is called their teachings and I do what I can to help clarify the true path to enlightenment, light within. It’s easy for me as Jill to get frustrated. And yet, we are amidst the Dark Age and mistruths are par for the course. I just didn’t expect it would be so rampant within spiritual and enlightenment communities; groups filled with beings intent on knowing the light and the truth. I love this reality, I love humanity and simply want those who seek it to know the truth about the Light of God that we each are. It is very much my goal to help humanity connect fully and directly with the Light of Source Creator God we Are, even as humans.

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Testimonials on this Celebrating the Empaths series and other offerings:

“I just have to express how AWESOME Jill Renee Feeler is! I had a private session with her monday and she is simply off-the-charts amazing! I’m still reeling at her gifts and expression…her clarity and refined skill in reading the energies and in communicating with our teams. WOW! I must also add how indescribably awesome it feels to be seen in TRUTH by another!

THANK YOU Jill Renee Feeler! For all you are and do on this planet and in all other realms! YOU are an interstellar rockstar sistar! And thank you for reminding me that i am too. ((( heart emoticon )))” – Krista, New York

Sweet!!! I have learned so much and the [team’s] wisdom has been so helpful and enlightening. I am grateful to you all. And Jill, u hav opened my eyes to a lot of things and different perspectives on how I am doing things and seeing things. U are awesome and maybe someday I will have the insight and ability to tap into my team like u can. Thank you. Love P.” Celebrating the Empaths participant

“I just wanted to say how grateful I am to have experienced this with you all. I really enjoyed yesterday’s call the grand finale. I feel like more grateful for having this human experience. This is very special. I am so excited about the rest of my life. I always felt like, if I get this or learn this then I can succeed. but now I just want to start my own podcast and talk about how we are already everything we ever aspired to be and there is nothing holding me/us back. All is available to us right now. This human experience is more than I could have ever imagined. I look at my body differently, my life differently and my relationships differently. Wow. I love you all and am so incredibly grateful!” – H. Celebrating the Empaths participant

Other client reviews are here.

I’m delighted for you to experience these special resources for truly celebrating the Empaths!

With love and gratitude,