Private Sessions

All private sessions are digitally recorded. I share first, directly from our teams, with no information from you prior. I am going straight into my Higher Self and what I call my team and then directly to yours, at an expanded level of connection that is far beyond the astral, deceased relatives or the akashic record levels of Source energy. Depending on the session time selected, I also allow time for your questions. Our private session work is a one of a kind experience that is often life changing for my clients. Our referral rate and repurchase rate speaks volumes to the success of our methods.

There are two categories of sessions: sessions for new private session clients, and sessions for those who have met with me before in private session.  Clients include those that are familiar with my work and those new to my work, those interested in spirituality and those interested in other affairs of a more mainstream nature. Those who tend to get the most of out my sessions are those that know at least something about what I do, have listened to one or more interviews, podcasts, courses, etc. In sessions, I tend to be very blunt but also very loving and respectful. Your Soulful layers love you deeply and most people feel that coming through in sessions – it is literally life changing to be aware that unconditional love coming in, from within you. We get specific in many areas and especially when you have questions towards the latter 2/3 of your session time. But, I’m not a typical psychic and I’m not a traditional medium – this is a soul-ful reading going straight to Source Creator God energy (it doesn’t make sense to me to go to any other level for assistance, insight, alchemy and guidance).  My clients are all over the globe, from all walks of life with a wide spectrum of reasons to book a session. Seriously, my client base include more than one priest, numerous engineers, medical doctors, postal workers, students, end of life patients, entrepreneurs, gifted healers, industry leading intuitives, highly successful life coaches, etc…. it’s a blessing to offer what I can to You.

All sessions are done over phone or internet (Skype, facetime, zoom – your choice) unless I’m doing an in person event and offering sessions while in that area. All sessions are digitally recorded with an mp3 or easy access link emailed to you. All times on the calendar are shown in your local time, based on the time zone you select upon entering the system.

Payment confirms your session. I look forward to meeting with you!

New Private Session Clients – Welcome to a Deeper, More Whole YOU!!

Soul Activation Sessions are for clients that have never had a private session with me before, 60 minutes. I go straight to your Soulful, Higher Self energies and connect you to it. Pure Light Revealed. You then can see and know Yourself as pure Light, here, now. I share as guided by your team for first 20-25 minutes with remaining time available for your questions/topics. For many clients, this is the life-upgrading experience they have been searching for their entire lives. I see your mastery like no one else, helping you see it and live from these energies. We pull back the curtain of your Soul’s Signature and we show you how your team views you and honors you in this life. It is highly activating, very deep, and unlike ANY typical psychic or intuitive reading. We go straight to your Soulful layers with honesty, honor, love and even tough love, as I’m guided. Each session is digitally recorded, sent to you via email in mp3 or convenient access link. Each session is done over phone or internet. For some, this may be the only session with me that you need. We go that deep and it is this activating. If any future check-ins or insights are desired, you will have special access to the repeat client discounted check in sessions, including package pricing discounts for those who desire regular check-ins and/or consistent expansion/upgrades. I am here to support Your mastery, Your Sovereignty, your Light within, here, now. This is my purpose and my joy!

Repeat Private Session Clients – Discounted Pricing Bonus

Complete Check In Sessions

Complete Check In Sessions are 60 minutes, offered to clients who have met me in private session before. (New private session clients are first offered the Soul Activation Session). For the Complete Check In, I will share for the first 20-25 minutes, then allowing you sufficient time to ask any remaining questions or topics you would like insights, clarity and guidance on in your journey. Many clients who book 30 minutes or less, wish they had booked more time. This full hour check-in session allows me enough time to go deeper into what is going on in your life, from your team’s perspective and then from your perspective via the Q&A portion.

30 Minute Check In Sessions

30 Minute Check In Sessions are offered to clients who have met me in private session before and are desiring updates from their team and to address specific questions. (Clients new to my sessions are first offered the Soul Activation Session). 30 minute sessions allow me to share an update from your team for the first 5-10 minutes, then allowing you time to ask just 2-3 questions you’d like insights and guidance upon. Many clients who book 30 minutes or less, wish they had booked more time. The full hour session allows enough time for me to work more deeply and more specifically with you on key areas of your spiritual growth, blocks, obstacles and key opportunities for your personal expansion.

Mini sessions for brief check ins and quick questions

Mini sessions for brief check ins and quick questions, confirmation are offered to clients who have met me in private session before. (Clients that have never had a reading with me are offered the Soul Activation Session and can then participate in the discounted sessions). 15 minute mini sessions let me share for the first 2-5 minutes, then allowing you time to ask just 1-2 specific questions you’d like brief insights and guidance upon. Many clients who book 30 minutes or less, wish they had booked more time. The mini-session is ideal for those repeat clients who desire specific guidance on a particular area of their journey.  (Mini-sessions are also occasionally offered to new and existing clients as a bonus for being the first purchasers.)

I have been blessed to know many gifted people, teachers, and pathfinders in this life. Jill is like no other I’ve known. I feel such love and respect for her and the consciousness she is offering at this time. There is a deep resonance with her messages and I am so grateful she is available for private sessions. The insights she has shared during private sessions and remembering workshops have been profoundly helpful and relevant. Thank you Jill for sharing your Self and your gifts!
Hi Jill,
Thank you for my private session and for your work in general. What used to seem “too good to be true” in terms of what is possible for me is feeling more possible because of you. I feel comforted and inspired by your presence, clarity, and love. I just watched your webinar about pain addiction and then did some positive empowering affirmations. Funnily enough, right after I was done I felt so much resistance and anger in my body–someone in there is really upset about me being happy! I look forward to peace and joy being my regular state. I am really considering signing up for your 6-week class. Thanks again,
My name is Arriane Eva Morrin, wellness coach at AEM Health and Fitness. I contacted Jill two years ago the first while I was going through some really difficult emotional times after some traumatic family events. The private session with Jill helped me greatly, comforted me and answered some of my questions.
I have more recently contacted Jill back for another private session. This time more business orientated. Again Jill helped me greatly during our session. It helped me see some business issues in a different light and helped me in some strategy business decision making . Most of all, it gave me peace in my decisions. Thank you again Jill.
Arriane Eva Morrin, United Kingdom