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Weekly messages to inspire the very best within us all, beyond the dogma, beyond the bullshit, straight into the truth of how spectacular we can be. If you’d prefer, the youtube channel is here.

Ask Me Anything Event #8 Member’s Event

World renowned intuitive, philosopher Jill Renee Feeler invites members to ask her anything, leading to mind-blowing revelations and heart expansive liberation that will help you feel more ~personally~ connected to the truest, most glorious layers of self and of what I call God. Stop chasing. Start finding. The infinite glory of Source energy.

Facing Loneliness JRF Podcast #228

We address the 4 most likely groups that experience loneliness, helping you understand yourself better within that group and strategies for feeling more whole and complete, more Amazing, and yes, less lonely 🙂

Trump Reading JRF Podcast #226

Another perspective on Trump to offer. We hope you find this helpful as he has been dehumanized in a very calculated manner that is worthy of personal examination. I encourage your own discernment in all matters of life. I love humanity and I love my country. I hope all citizens love their country and want what is best for it. Complex situations deserve a deeper look at all factors.

JRF Podcast #224 How to Let Go and Not Be So Controlling, with Life, Children, Others

Some of us as humans share a consistent desire to control an outcome, manage people's lives for them and step into problem solve even when we aren't invited. Although the application of this message is much wider, we do include the primary example of parenting, helicopter parenting, with some thoughts on advocating for our children and helping to raise them to Be their own self, to support a well adjusted, happy, "successful" adult.

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