A Detailed Breakdown Of 21st Century Enlightenment And How It Works | Video #4

The steps needed to implement a pragmatic, transcendent, soulfully connected life.

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The fourth video in my free 6-part video series is now live, available now by signing up for the early bird waitlist.

You know that old saying “good things take time”? This has been over 10 years in the making. It is finally possible to easily explain and guide anyone through this whole process.

In this video, I reveal the precise steps needed to access your light within ~ truly accessible enlightenment. Replacing the outdated methods of “outside in” spirituality.

And no longer questioning and doubting your spiritual connection, or your life’s meaning.

Moving into confidently living, being, offering the light you are, from your most expanded soulful layers. Your light, rising up from within, to the surface of your humanness and then radiating outward, from your being, your One, with grace, ease and purpose.

I hope you thoroughly enjoy the experience of this message (under 8 minutes in duration!).

Watch the fourth video in my free 6-part video series

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P.S. In case you’ve missed some videos in this free 6-part video series, you can watch a replay of the first three videos. They are divinely designed resources for you, for this group of innovators and expanders of love, light and consciousness in this reality.

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I cannot believe how many people have signed up already for the early-access waitlist!!

I can feel how excited this innovative group is to truly live our light, with the effective, intelligent foundational framework we deserve, newly built for now.

Just like the other leaders, creators, innovators of light did in their times | They created new frameworks, to update the old | We are creating new frameworks, to update the old | This is how evolution of light, and then of humanity, happens.

And we get to be a part of it. By our choosing to be unsatisfied with it being too hard and taking too long to feel and know one is enlightened ~ light and wisdom within ~ by choice, by design.

Finally creating and living brand new levels of conscious enlightenment, graduated from “spiritual school,” bringing online our most expanded light ~ from within ~ into these amazing human bodysuits, not later, not when ____________, now. Right now.

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I’ve got something really exciting set up for you in the next video (which will be conveniently sent to those on the waitlist, but not my general newsletter list). It is an incredible client case study of living your light using our method ~ truly inspiring and centering, the light we each are in our humanity!