JRF Podcast #248 Support for my Fellow Creators and Inspirers

Have you ever felt inspired to share something on social media but got nervous, intimidated?  Are you afraid of negative comments on your posts?  Have you experienced internet trolls, haters or just negative people who seem motivated to tear others down?  These feelings are so natural, especially with so much divisive, toxic interactions on social media.

It can be intimidating to share inspired ideas publicly. In this podcast and here, I provide you with strategies for sharing yourself publicly on your terms. You probably have some pretty amazing ideas you want to share with others. There are so many reasons why we may hold ourselves back from being a more expanded version of ourselves in this world. Criticism that isn’t constructive, that feels like it is done thoughtlessly, can hurt. This sensitivity can be especially true for empaths.

In this podcast, I share some advice and insights for sharing your work on social media and some options and strategies you may not have considered. I’ve been sharing my work online since 2009 and have felt many of the sensations and hesitations described above.

I noticed recently that Steven Pinker disables comments on his social media posts and I love the freedom of this approach. I support and am alongside so many inspiring creators, who often don’t share publicly because of the possible ridicule they may experience on social media. Set your own rules! The social media apps allow for disabling comments and it is ok to share without inviting dialogue.

Is it less common? Yes. It is unwelcome by some? Yes. Will Facebook and possibly other platforms limit visibility of your post if comments are disabled? Yes. There are trade offs.

But if it is a matter of you sharing your inspired ideas, or not, then please consider this option that Pinker unapologetically uses in his sharing.

This brief podcast also supports your authority over what you create, offer, share and represent in this world.

There are some very unfortunate intuitive and psychic readers out there who offer dictates such as (dramatic voice, please) “thou shalt author materials in this realm, as commanded by your spirit guides and God.” This outdated form of reading leads many spiritual seekers, lightworkers and awakened individuals to feel as if they are in service to their higher self.

My work offers you a completely new operating system for being the light you are.

I help you create a system such that your higher self, your spirit guides, your soulfulness is in support of you, not you in support of it. It’s a liberated, authentic method that yields dramatically different results for anyone truly interested in connecting with Source Creator energy (God). I highly recommend it. The testimonials on my site and over a decade of 5 star reviews from even the most advanced, experts in spirituality, consciousness and philosophy are the evidence that it works.

I am honored to admit that I am a psychic to psychics, a healer to healers, a creator of philosophy for those desiring intelligent answers to their biggest, and smallest, questions about how this reality actually operates.

A little bit about me, for the many that are new to my work, realizing they desire much more from their seeking:

Although my background is in business and I know myself as a type A overachiever, I had a transformational experience in my late 30s. It wasn’t from hitting rock bottom, nor from a near death experience. It was by saying yes to someone’s nudge for me to do something that I would never normally do; get an intuitive psychic reading.

I was stressed about a business opportunity and what path to take in my career and my sister-in-law said I should go see her psychic. It sounded ridiculous and unproductive. What on Earth could an intuitive, or psychic reading offer me in getting clarity on myself, my life and my opportunities in my career? Well, after some consideration, I finally decided, what is the harm in trying it out. I never would have known how much I was limiting myself had I not been open to that experience. Not only did that reading help me create clarity, it helped me set in motion a better way of being me.

That was 2008.

I’m still Type A, still an overachiever. But, I’m also now aware of the benefits of using our intuition and the wider range of self that we all have. But from our left brain, we’ll never know it, and always think of it as ridiculous. I’m a better Jill, and my earlier Jill wasn’t too bad either. But, I didn’t set off on a spiritual path. I haven’t read all the spiritual and esoteric books. I didn’t become a seeker.  I didn’t try to find my purpose. I somehow knew a different way to be an experiencer of spirituality and consciousness.  I felt naturally connected to transcendence and original philosophies of self-actualization, self-realization.

I was led to explore the wisdom, insights, and philosophies I have access to within myself, and sharing that with this world.

My work was immediately global, having started a podcast and youtube video channel in 2010.

Clients from around the world found me quickly, recognizing I was offering something very different that was easily accessible, real and yet excitingly new and expansive. Those who enjoy readings find me. Another group that finds me are those who enjoy having an intelligent sense of what this world is, what we are, how this reality works and how to function as effectively and joyfully as possible within it. I have three published books, and offer presentations, on-line courses, weekend workshops, unique travel experiences with my clients, “readings” and intuitive coaching which I call Personal Co-Pilot programs. We focus on specific goals over 2-3 months, with incredible results not possible in traditional coaching and therapy experiences that may not leverage the sixth sense.

I hope you enjoy this brief podcast message.

With love and cosmic hugs,