Who has been dreaming of going to Egypt? Lightly placing your hand on the paw of the Sphinx.  Looking up at the Great Pyramids, through your own eyes.

I have 6 spots available for our Egypt trip March 30 – April 13, 2022.

The trip will be my third time exploring Egypt, bringing along amazing audience members/peers (like you) each time. 

We create customized travel experiences with:

    – Small groups, max 25 guests,

    – VIP private access to Key Sites,

    – Epic camel ride… among the pyramids,

    – 5 star luxury travel accommodations, private transports, private security, dedicated Egyptologist traveling with us.

    – Private Nile Cruise, four dreamy nights,

    – Visits to the most unforgettable, timeless temples that most standard Egypt tours don’t even visit,

    – the bonus of traveling in Egypt with a friendly, grounded, top rated intuitive (me!)

Particularly after so much of life and progress feeling paused, this trip feels like a statement of purpose for 2022 and going forward.  I’m certain we will create memories, to last even beyond this lifetime.

There are a lot of details in planning a trip to Egypt. You don’t want to go so far, fulfilling a dream with an agency that hasn’t thought of all the details, ready to take care of those details. You probably also don’t want to go on a boring, generic tour of Egypt where the guide talks the entire time at every site, rattling on and on about the history and barely giving you the mental space to experience, enjoy, wander and ponder. But, maybe you like trips like that. I don’t. I like to visit historic places and just feel it. I may even want to sit and meditate at a sacred site, feeling into myself and the area. There is a place for recorded history. And we also make space for inner wisdom. This space for yourself at the best sites in Egypt make for a personal journey of discovery, self reflection and personal reconnection. That form of personal growth and self healing is absolutely magical when it is experienced in Egypt with other like-hearted and like-minded individuals. I created this trip for those who want to experience themselves at these wonders of the world, not just experience the place.

Check out detailed itinerary at https://jillreneefeeler.com/egypt2022. 

Then message me if you’d like to get yourself and possibly a loved one registered. 

With love


~ A bit about me

In 2008, I had a transformational experience. It wasn’t from hitting rock bottom, nor from a near death experience. I was stressed about a career decision and my sister-in-law recommended her psychic, which as an MBA sounded crazy.  Not only did that reading help me create clarity, it helped me set in motion a better way of being me. I tapped into my unique, natural gifts for wisdom, insights, and philosophies I have access to within myself, and immediately began sharing that with this world.  I did not become a seeker nor a student of what was already here. I was instead led to share the innovative, rational, more immediate access to transcendence and self-actualization I knew was possible, from my own experience and inner guidance. We all deserve what works.  And, I’m still an overachiever. 

I’m passionate about helping individuals and this world better understand itself, its purpose and why it’s here, with what works, now, in the real world and the real you. I’m also known for my absolutely epic trips.

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