JRF Podcast #247 Reflections and Growth from Previous Beliefs

What do you do when your previous beliefs and views now feel outdated and limiting?  In this message, I reflect on a FB post from 5 years prior and how I would re-write it today.  I now see the presumption and possibly even arrogance in the attitudes I held 5 years ago. I accept and offer grace to myself for that limited view and celebrate the more expansive, albeit complex present views I now hold.  I hope this message helps others to create space for changing your heart, and mind about things you once hold dear. Also, offering some insight into the benefits of anger and disagreement.  Sometimes being passionately opposed to an idea, and even angry, led to a softening of an idea outside my field. That softening can then lead to a breakthrough, where the once angering idea becomes so real you wonder why you didn’t see it before. To me, this is another way that expansion, liberation and even evolution of consciousness can and does work.

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