What Happened Before the Big Bang

by Jill Renee Feeler

A new perspective on what happened before the big bang that will possibly help scientists ask better questions, to reach better answers.

Here we go

To all scientists trying to answer what happened before “the big bang”: There isn’t a pre-event to “the big bang”. 

This reality is the result of an insertion, a creation, 

of space and time.  

And, it was barely a whisper. 

Nor was it “big”

If anything it was a shrinkage 

of an infinity of possibilities

to be considered, explored, created and brought to life

from within

space and time. 

You don’t have ideas, let alone formulas, for what is beyond space and time. 

And your religions have rightly driven you away from accessing what is beyond space and time

with unbelievable notions, 

unsatisfying explanations 

about what life is, its nature, its purpose, its creator force and its opportunities. 

This has left you with limited ideas of what is, trapping the entire field of science to only the observable universe, trusting only your five human senses, operated by only your human brain. 

This post may assist you in accessing a wider range of senses, utilizing what is conceivable, and beyond observable. A wider (not higher) consciousness, is then helpful to ponder better questions that can yield better answers.  The reliance of science on provable answers isn’t possible when operating at this wider range, as it is beyond the reach of the five human senses. 

And yet somehow even more real. 

The good news is that what is beyond space and time is fully conceivable from within the self,

not needing to know, reach

or even monitor the farthest corners of space and time

which, as you know, is constantly expanding. 

Good luck 

and you’re welcome. 

~ Jill Renee Feeler