Clear Answers to The Biggest Questions

We aim to offer the most satisfying, rational answers you’ll find to the biggest questions you have. 

Because, when you’ve lost a loved one, it isn’t because God needed another angel. Death is more complicated than that.  This reality is filled with dangers, that sometimes ends a life, even if it seems far too soon. Sometimes accidents just happen. And no one gets out of here alive.   I’m so sorry if you’ve experienced loss. That’s a real answer to “why” someone died. 

If you’ve been in a difficult relationship with a loved one, it isn’t because you are balancing a karmic debt or that one of you promised to be a jerk for the other to learn a lesson.  Consider for a moment that sometimes two humans just bring out the best in each other. This could be parent and child, child and sibling, lifelong friends, long term romantic partners. Like peanut butter and jelly. No stories of past lives are needed.  Because it may have nothing to do with any life plan or any so called past life. Similarly, sometimes two people just bring out the worst in each other, or just one does in the other. Like oil and water, or even pickles and ice cream. You just don’t put them together and expect good things to happen.  There is no need to go searching for a why, because there may not be an actual why. It just is. So just let it be, what it is. And respond accordingly. Minimize time with those who seem to enjoy bringing out the worst in you. Maximize your time with those who seem to enjoy bring out the best in you. Rationally satisfying answer isn’t it?  Ahhhh, it feels so good. No unnecessary complexity of any other life than this one, which is the only one that really matters. 

These are just a couple examples of upgraded answers available in my work. 

I came into my gifts for big, big ideas, and rational answers to the biggest questions, and to an individual’s more personal questions in my late 30s. I did not come into my gifts and abilities from a metaphysical background. I wasn’t a seeker.  I did not flock to metaphysical bookstores to learn everything when I realized my gifts and abilities either. I did not become a seeker.  Someone recommended A Course in Miracles. I bought it. I glanced at it and felt within me, it doesn’t need to be this hard. Connection, answers, being one’s light is easier than this. I wasn’t here for living another’s ideas of what it is to be light.  I especially wasn’t here to perpetuate any ideas that source energy is outside of yourself, or that one isn’t automatically, inherently transcendent energy. 

My not being steeped in all these popular notions of spirituality, manifestation, connection and self-help is a blessing.   Because when I come across ideas that make no sense, I have no attachment to it, and am ready and willing to notice and then declare that it makes no sense. My gifts allow me to see ideas that make no sense. I’m not trying to be mean. I’m just feeling like life is hard enough. Let’s not make it harder by chasing bullshit ideas, just because someone we like said it was true or said it works for them.  In replace of bullshit ideas that don’t make sense, I offer…

(offer… not dictate… the authority to decide is yours and only yours) 

I offer a better explanation, a more rational, practical and applicable answer. 

So, what? 

Well, you may not realize how much energy it requires to make a lie feel real…  

Are you still pretending that everything happens for a reason?  

How much energy do you utilize 

determining the reason, 

for everything that happens

in your life, 

your loved one’s lives,

your client’s lives?

What if that entire operating system was just a hypothesis for how this reality works, that isn’t even true?

I respect that Louise Hay was trying to offer healing, love and compassion with her book about healing yourself and then healing your life. But that doesn’t mean it is true.  I definitely don’t believe it is true.  I’ve put it to the test in my own life and in my client’s lives.  You have better access to a) getting over an illness, b) feeling connected to Source and c) receiving compassion and grace when you need it 

if you don’t make a reason for your having it.   

Just because someone has breast cancer, doesn’t have to mean anything 

other than the fact that she has breast cancer 

and a tough fight ahead of her with a lot of complicated choices.  

Making it personal, that she caused it, that she could’ve prevented it, and that she didn’t have to get it and doesn’t have to get it again if she just “learns the lesson” is not provable, 

and in my experience is not true.  

It ends up making a difficult experience all the more difficult. 

What if instead the answer, the wiser and most loving response is simply, “that sucks, I am so sorry, what can I do to help you and your loved ones get through this, knowing God loves you, cares about you and is sad that this is happening to you?”  

Because here, in this reality, cancer happens.  For no reason. 

And the longer you live, the more likely you are to get it.  Some of the top oncologists offer that if you live long enough it isn’t a matter of if you get cancer but rather when you will get cancer, and what kind you’ll get.  

Let’s be real about that, vs. making it into a soul’s lesson.  But, you can believe what you want about cancer and Earth being a school. I’m just saying, that doesn’t make it true. 

Real Love, Real Answers, for the Real World. 

~ Jill Renee Feeler