Are you waiting to get a session until the perfect time?

I get it, some of us clean the house before a housecleaner comes to do their work. Similarly, I hear from individuals that they want to have everything straightened out and orderly in their life before they have a session.

Are you waiting to have a session, until the perfect time?

I know that intuitive readings can be intimidating. “What will she see?” “What if I really am a bad person?” “What if I have a ton of stuff I need to work on?” “What if I am making huge mistakes in my life?”

Oh the games some intuitives have done on their clients! Not here.

With me you are safe and if your are anything like all my other clients, you will love the experience, find it incredibly insightful, reassuring and even game changing.

I am not here to criticize you, or come up with some list of supposed soulful tasks you need to get done in this lifetime. That isn’t my approach (because I think all of that is b.s.).

I am here to help you get more connected to the soulful energies that you are, right now and always. And that makes life more interesting, more enjoyable. My work helps you discover the updated choices of who and what you can be in every moment of your life, including where life is harder, where relationships are prickly, and where you feel like you can’t win.


Check out the testimonials and see for yourself. I am not your standard reader.

I disagree with most spiritual theories and am very clear about a very different way to be your soulful layers, your most amazing you, in this life, with access to it every day.

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Looking for a healer, energy clearing, breakthrough assistance, health and wellness coaching, grief or even PTSD? I have heartfully chosen 4 incredibly talented beings (from whom I receive support!) that are also available via my site here

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Offering 21st century enlightenment, spiritual theorist and psychic intuitive Jill Renee Feeler helps us better understand and appreciate ourselves, this world and why we are here.

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